Faculty Diversity Development and Equity Committee

Faculty Senate

About the Committee

The duties of the Faculty Diversity, Development, and Equity Committee are to:

  1. Collect data and identify and promote best practices for faculty development, mentoring, and work environment to facilitate the success of diverse faculty at all career levels;
  2. Provide feedback and advocate processes for faculty recruitment, promotion, and retention that promote diversity, fair pay standards and work/life balance for the faculty;
  3. Report on the status of faculty development, mentoring, diversity, and equity; and
  4. Make recommendations for implementation of proposals related to faculty diversity, development, and equity. The membership, election and appointment of members: term of members; officers; and meetings and quorum of the Diversity, Development, and Equity Committee shall be parallel to those of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, as stated in Policy 402.12.3(2) through 12.3(5).

2022-2023 Membership

  • Agriculture and Applied Sciences – Grant Cardon
  • Arts – Timothy Chenette 
  • Business – Polly Conrad
  • Education and Human Services – Scott Hunsaker
  • Engineering – Yu Huang
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Ekaterina Arshavskaya
  • Natural Resources – Sarah Null
  • Science – Vicki Allan 
  • Libraries – Carol Kochan 
  • Extension – Lendel Narine
  • Statewide Campuses – Sean Camp
  • USU Eastern – Michaelann Nelson (Chair)
  • Senate – Timothy Chenette
  • Senate – Vicki Allan
  • Senate – Polly Conrad