Mission of the USU Department of Geosciences

  1. Contribute to workforce development of geoscientists and educators by providing a student-centered learning environment, effective instruction and research opportunities
    • Emphasize high quality research and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels
    • Recruit and reward faculty who are gifted educators and researchers
    • Encourage and support research by undergraduate and graduate students
    • Integrate field-based geology with analytical techniques
  2. Contribute to the advancement of the geosciences through both foundational and applied research
    • Maintain a high level of research funding to drive our research engine and attract the brightest and best graduate students
    • Improve our research facilities to enhance our research and teaching mission
  3. Provide courses for a diversity of students as well as cognate courses for related programs with the purpose of increasing geoscience literacy
    • Provide geoscience education statewide, including through distance-delivery and online instruction
  4. Promote an understanding of the geosciences among the general public and with respect to the role of geoscience in everyday life
    • Engage in geoscience outreach and advocacy to the community and K-12 schools
    • Develop museum and local-geoscience educational opportunities
  5. Maintain connections with our alumni and geoscience partners
    • Foster a diverse professional network through constructive relationships with alumni, friends and colleagues
    • Seek feedback from outside the university to update and improve our department