USU Museum of Geology Directions and Parking

Museum Location

The USU Museum of Geology is located in Room GEOL 203 of the Geology Building at the northeast corner of the historic USU Quad.
View the USU Logan Campus map for more guidance. The Geology Building is located south of the Taggart Student Center. Please enter the museum through the Department of Geosciences Main Office in Room GEOL 205 during regular business hours (8:00am–5:00pm, Mondays–Fridays).


The northeast entrance of the Geology Building is equipped with a ramp and automatic door entrance which leads to the building’s elevator.

Geology Building

Parking During Regular Museum Hours

Our regular museum hours are Monday–Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm

Parking for the museum is available during weekdays in the Aggie Parking Terrace at 700 East 600 North, Logan and the Big Blue Terrace, 850 East 700 North. For visitor parking rates and information, please visit USU Visitor Parking.

Big Blue Terrace

Aggie Terrace

Cache Valley Transit Access

The Geology Building is located about two blocks south of the Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) bus stops at the USU Distance Education Building (Bus Stop #1007) and the Education Building (Bus Stop #1021) on 700 North (“Aggie Bull-evard’). CVTD bus routes 1, 4 and 15 stop at both Stop #1007 and Stop #1021. 

Saturday Parking for USU Geosciences’ Annual “Rock-n-Fossil Day"

On Saturdays, free parking is available in the surface lot south of USU's Old Main. From 400 North (US Highway 89), turn north onto Champ Drive at the Huntsman School of Business. Follow Champ Drive westward, along the USU Quad, toward Old Main. The parking lot is on the left.