The USU Luminescence Laboratory is equipped with two Risø TL/OSL DA-20 readers produced at the Technical University of Denmark Center for Nuclear Technologies (DTU Nutech).

The reader consists of:

  • 48-position sample chamber
  • beta irradiator attachment (90Sr/90Y beta source)
  • optical and infrared light-emitting diode (LED) stimulation heads
  • heating system up to 700°C
  • optical filters
  • Controller
  • Single-grain (SG) attachment 

Luminescence reader, mini computer/controller attached to reader that contains photomultiplier tube, beta radiation source and sample housing.

For details on the Risø instrumentation information please refer to the link and paper below:

  2. Developments in radiation, stimulation and observation facilities in luminescence measurements, Bøtter-Jensen et al. (2003)