Sandy Deposits at Vertical Exposures
Sandy Deposits at Vertical Exposures
Including trenches and soil pits

Course grained hillside
Coarse-grained & Clast-supported Deposits
Where no tubes go; find out how to collect bulk samples under a cloak of darkness or at night.

two people work taking samples from a hillside
Core sampling is increasing in popularity. Review the many ways cores can be sampled for luminescence dating using whole and split cores.

Sand dune
Loess and Sand Dunes
Depending on the deposit, these well-sorted deposits may be sampled with a tube at a vertical exposures or with an auger.

geological dig worksite
Placed or Fallen Rocks
How to sample sediment immediately under a placed or fallen rock, and how to sample the underside of a rock.

a scientist works with samples
Thermally-affected Deposits (wildfire, lava)
This page is under construction. Contact the lab if you are interested in dating sediment exposed to high heat.