Geomorphology, Surface Processes, & Hydrogeology

Geochronology, Landscape Evolution, Neotectonics, Paleoclimatology, Quaternary Geology


Geomorphology & Surface Processes research includes the study of climate, tectonic, and anthropogenic controls on landscape change, erosion, and sedimentation. Specific projects include landscape evolution of the Colorado Plateau and Grand Canyon, dating of archeological sites in Canyonlands, arroyo formation, dendrochronology and paleoclimate and the history of Lake Bonneville.

Geosciences Faculty

Thomas E. Lachmar

Thomas E. Lachmar

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Mentor


Phone: 435.797.1247
Office Location: Geology 305
Dennis L. Newell (he/him)

Dennis L. Newell (he/him)

Associate Professor & Graduate Director


Phone: 435.797.0479
Office Location: Geology 210
Joel L. Pederson (he/him)

Joel L. Pederson (he/him)

Professor & Department Head


Phone: 435.797.7097
Office Location: Geology 114A
Tammy M. Rittenour (she/her)

Tammy M. Rittenour (she/her)

Professor & Director of Luminescence Lab

Paleoclimatology and Quaternary Geology

Office Location:  Geology 110

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