The GNAR Network

The GNAR Network provides a forum where representatives of gateway communities can meet, share ideas, and identify immediate and high-priority needs that would allow them to make more informed decisions as they respond to the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its impact on the well-being of their residents and their local economies.

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Upcoming Events & Past Summaries

We are building the Network by engaging elected officials, city and county planners, economic development and tourism specialists, and others from gateway communities in virtual listening sessions. These workshops provide participants an opportunity to share their experiences with each other, work together to problem solve, and clarify specific, high-priority needs.

Date Topic Type Summary/RSVP
Dec. 3, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
AMENITY MIGRATION SERIES: What Comes Next? Community Peer Exchange
Listening Session Registration
Nov. 19, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
The Successfull Communities Approach in Action in Gardiner & Deer Lodge, MT
Webinar Registration
Nov. 12, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
AMENITY MIGRATION SERIES:Community Perspectives on Amenity Migration
Community Q&A Registration
Oct. 29, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
AMENITY MIGRATION SERIES: Current Outlooks on Amenity Migration in the Intermountain West
Panel Discussion Registration
Oct. 15, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
AMENITY MIGRATION SERIES: Growth & Development Challenges in GNAR Communities Research Q&A Recording
Sept. 30, 2020
(1-2:30pm MDT)
The Latest Research from the Rural West Covid Project Research Q&A Recording 
Sept. 15, 2020
(1-2:30pm MDT)
What Have We Learned? Communities Reflect Back on 6-months of COVID-19 Listening Session Summary
August 19, 2020
(1-2:30pm MDT)
Outdoor Recreation Participation in Utah During the COVID-19 Pandemic
 - Jim Price, Mountainland Association of Governments
 - Jeremy Shaw, Antelope Island State Park
 - Zach Miller, Utah State University
 - Wayne Freimund, Utah State University-Moab
 Panel Discussion Recording 
July 23, 2020
(2-3:00pm MDT)
Wellbeing in Utah's GNAR Communities
 - Courtney Flint, Utah State University
Research Q&A Recording
June 23, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
GNAR Network Peer-to-Peer Coaching Session Coaching Session  
June 12, 2020
(10-11am MDT)
COVID-19 Impacts to Gateway Communities [Hosted by the Western Governors' Association]
 - Danya Rumore, University of Utah
 - Jake Powell, Utah State University
 - Darla Sidles, Rocky Mountain National Park
 - Emily Niehaus, City of Moab
Webinar Recording
June 10, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
Community Innovations in Policy and Practice
 - Shannon Haynes, Assistant Town Manager, Breckenridge, CO
 - Devin Middlebrook, Sustainability Program Manager, Lake Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, CA
Community Q&A Recording
May 28, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
Policies and Practices for Reopening GNAR Communities Listening Session Summary
April 30, 2020
(2-3:30pm MDT)
Challenges and Opportunities for GNAR Communities during COVID-19 Listening Session Summary