The GNAR Initiative provides a range of support and services for GNAR communities and the regions around them. Our particular areas of expertise include:

  • Collaboration and conflict resolution assistance:

    We offer a range of training, coaching, and facilitation services to help stakeholders in and around GNAR communities work together to address challenges and opportunities.  For more info contact
  • Community design assistance:

    We leverage a variety of partnerships to engage, students, faculty, design and planning courses, and Extension programs, to help GNAR communities begin to address design and planning challenges through generating visionary conceptual design alternatives. For more info contact
  • Needs assessments for economic diversification:

    We facilitate a process of strategically identifying economic industries that gateway and natural amenity region communities can develop to diversify their local economies. We provide strategies that community leaders can implement to target and attract local investments. For more info contact
  • Visitor use monitoring and management solutions:

    We provide technical assistance to gateway and natural amenity region communities who are interested in quantifying and monitoring the volume and spatial distribution of tourism activity. We also tie these measures to economic development metrics (e.g., jobs, wages, salaries, etc.) for communities interested in knowing how tourism flows impact their local economies. For more info contact

If there is some way we and our partners can assist you, please contact us for more information: