housing affordability

Housing affordability can be problematic in GNAR communities. Generally low wages, high volumes of short-term vacation rentals, and rapid high-end development can cause significant lapses in affordable housing. Many workers in GNAR communities are employed seasonally or do not earn enough income to afford available houses.  Without other recourse, workers commute long distances or sometimes live in makeshift housing like campers, cars, or tents. This lack of workforce housing can cause labor shortages for local businesses and result in undesirable, inadequate, and unsightly informal housing. Some GNAR communities have come up with innovative ways to try and address this issue, see examples below. Think we're missing something or have feedback for us? Please reach out to liz.sodja@usu.edu.

Resources & Tools

Research & Case Studies

Headwaters Economics: Housing Data - Access Data Here

Headwaters Economics is a leader in publishing data about issues critical to GNAR communities. This link goes to their page about housing in recreation counties. You can see overviews of housing trends affecting recreation counties across the country and even look up data on your community specifically.

2016 APCHA Policy Study - Download Here

The APCHA partnered with consultants to conduct a comprehensive review of its affordable housing program to ensure it is meeting the intended purpose as stated in the Aspen/Pitkin County Employee Housing Guidelines.