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The Student   1 2 3

Knows the library (and late-night
study sessions) maybe a little
too well. Sleds down Old Main
Hill... in a canoe. Walks barefoot
for a cause. Can be found
around campus snoozing on
an open book. Will do just
about anything for free food.

The Professor   2 5 9

Writes the books read at
universities across the
country. Remembers
hundreds of
names (how?).
Hears the
same questions
year after year, but
always responds like it's
the first time. Loves that the
word "commute" doesn't exist
in Logan.

Arlette Dominguez. Dominican Republic. Biology.

Because her family has battled cancer, Arlette plans to pursue a career in oncology. “We went to the hospital so often; it didn’t feel like anything anymore – like going to the grocery store. I went with my little cousin who is dying from cancer. I’ve already lost my grandma and my aunt to cancer, so I’m doing something about it.”

The Alum   3 6 7

Can be found running
Fortune 500 companies,
performing on Broadway,
solving medical mysteries, and
directing universities around the
world. Works hard. Remembers
pulling all-nighters. Wonders how.
Always feels at home in Logan.


1 It wasn't the first time students brought home awards from the top university theater competition in the nation, but 2010 was a first for bringing home two in one year.

2 USU professors are regularly sought out for expertise. In September, Joseph Tainter was featured in National Geographic's Collapse.

3 Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) wore a Bibhu Mohapatra ('97) gown at the 2010 Emmy Awards, and another one of his dresses was seen on season four of Gossip Girl, which premiered in September.

4 Students took 2nd place at Microsoft's Imagine Cup that drew in more than 22,000 applicants.
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5 Because of USU's professors, Cache County is one of 30 spots nationwide to participate in the recruitment pilot for the National Children's Study.

6 Harry Reid ('61) was re-elected as senate majority leader in November.

7 Matthew Kirby ('03, '08) published his first novel through Scholastic Press in 2010, The Clockwork Three. Look for his second book later this year.

8 Alina Sergeeva was one of only three graduate students in the world awarded at the Sanibel Symposium, frequently attended by Nobel Prize winners.

9 Best teachers in the country: 2010 Utah Carnegie professor makes 10 of 16 from USU.