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Global Engagement
Germany: Zach Maughan, a German major: Fulbright scholarship, English Teaching Assistantship.

Morocco: Porter Illi, an International Studies major, received a Boren Award to study Arabic in Morocco.

South Korea: Madison Pope, art student: Study abroad in South Korea – Studied painting at Hongik University in Seoul."

"four months, six classes, two scars, 875 pictures, infinite acquaintances ago."
Middle East: Drs. Wynn Walker and Mac McKee: the Water and Livelihoods Initiative, a life-style changing initiative to be implemented in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and Yemen.

International Trade: "Food Security": Economics professor Reza Oldadi, examining how the restriction of imports of food to increase local production would impede international trade negotiations.

Moldova: Engineering professors Bob Hill and Gary Merkley, pivotal role in Moldova's efforts to sign compact with U.S. to demonstrate a commitment to democracy.
China: Northwest University for Nationalities (NWUN) in Lanzhou, China/USU's College of Agriculture and Jon M. Huntsman School of Business: developing longterm relationships across disciplines.

Peru: National University-Piura and National Agricultural University de Molinas in Lima, Peru's leading school of agriculture. Develop collaborative relationships in agricultural research.


So, you're interested in studying ... where?

USU already offers Study Abroad opportunities with more than 150 partner institutions around the world. Seed grants awarded in 2010 for NEW student experiences in:

ITALY: history, art, architecture and languages in the Mediterranean

CHINA: prehistoric human-land relationships in western China

COSTA RICA: issues tropical rain forests

JAPAN: study Japanese culture, develop language skills

SLOVENIA: environmental studies

THAILAND: understanding diversity in world food systems

MEXICO: services for disabled children

MEXICO: pre-service teachers in elementary education

A Day In Mozambique:


USU at Gorongosa National Park

USU professors Christopher Neale and Jennifer Reeve, among many others at USU, are working with the Carr Foundation (founder Greg Carr, a USU alum) and international agencies to help restore and maintain the greater Gorongosa ecosystem. Dr. Neale summarized a day on the ground in-country.

MORNING WAKE-UP CALL: You're not in Logan anymore — baboons screeching wake up just outside the tent. Outside the fence: warthogs/lions/elephants/impalas/ostriches/hippos/ crocs ("you don't bathe in the ponds). GORONGOSA PARK: dense savannah forest, pervasive wetlands in rainy season, millions of long-legged water birds, one of the "Lost Edens of Africa," coming back from devastation of civil war. PEOPLE: Happy people, hungry people, curious kids, thatched-roof huts, Portuguese and Sena, colorful clothes, colorful market foods (including peri-peri, the ubiquitous chicken w/pepper sauce, fantastic seafood). PROBLEM: Shrinking land base leads to crops depleting soil, then people cut more forest to reach new rich soil. TOOLS OF CHANGE: new Community Education Center ("stunning"), well-educated park employees, students ("pair our students with Mozambican students on ag projects; they are the future."), tourists ARE coming. OUR HOPE: Teach sustainable agriculture (Dr. Reeve) and irrigation techniques (Dr. Neale). "Find a way to let people stay on the land, but work with them to ensure their practices are sustainable." MEASURING SUCCESS: "... 15 years from now we've addressed deforestation, and we see agriculture that is sustainable ... We're in this for the long term." AT DAY'S END: "We're coming in on the ground floor with a long, long way to go. But we have the chance to have a real impact on a country, not just a park."