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From the (Under)Ground Up

Space SDL's WISE satellite took millions of snapshots as part of a NASA project to create an infrared atlas of the entire sky, including the identification of 19 new comets.

Atmosphere SDL's Storm instrument will measure the Earth's atmosphere, allowing forecasters to better predict hurricane paths.

Life Safflower and canola plants are growing on roadsides with a goal of producing 50 million gallons of biofuel in five years.

Water The Utah Water Research Lab works on nearly 250 projects a year in more than 40 countries including Egypt and Singapore.

Home Extension specialists have secured $5 million in funding to support research in areas including marital relations and stepfamily dynamics.

Mountains The Utah Climate Center focuses on studying Utah's precipitation cycles, snowpack trends and winter inversions.

Ground CNR researchers are studying how soil could be part of a solution to curb global warming.

Underround Geologists are exploring the Yellowstone - Snake River hotspot system for potential geothermal energy.


Home One of the top "30 Awesome College Labs" — USU's Center for Integrated BioSystems

Mountains #2 in the nation for research funding received for aerospace engineering

Ground #10 in the nation among Colleges of Education for external research funding, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education

Underround A record 44 patents were filed and 11 patents were issued to USU, along with 10 commercialized technologies that fall into the "copyright category"

Underround A record 10 companies were spun out from 2009 to 2010, the average for a university is 3 per year.


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