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Grants and Capital Awards

Research awards for 2011 will surpass an unprecedented $200 million. The record-breaking number comes a year after the largest jump in research funding in USU’s history. The following is just a small sample of the monies awarded across campus.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC PRESIDENTIAL HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM FOR SUPERIOR STUDENTS: $4.4 Million. This program, funded by the government of the Dominican Republic, brings highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students to Utah State University. PI/Co-PI: Mary Hubbard, Vice Provost of International Education; Shelly Hernandez, International Scholarships and Programs.

IME-BECAS PROGRAM GRANT. Sponsored by the Institute for Mexicans Abroad and University of California, Berkeley, the grant supports the educational endeavors of Mexican immigrant students. Accepting department: Access and Diversity Center.

ALTERNATIVE AND UNCONVENTIONAL ENERGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GRANT: $10 Million. This U.S. Department of Energy grant develops enduring research capabilities in a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy areas. PI/Co-PIs: Jeff Muhs, Byard Wood, Kevin Heaslip, Randy Simmons; Energy Dynamics Laboratory.

Educational Theatre Research Grant

USDA WATER QUALITY PROGRAM WATERSHED RESEARCH GRANT: $600,000. The grant was awarded to research nitrate pollution in areas of agricultural watershed. PI: Douglas Jackson-Smith, Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology Department.

NSF-FUNDED MATH AND SCIENCE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM EVALUATION: $14.7 million. This program is funded to examine teacher quality, quantity, and diversity in math and science programs. Co-PI: Patricia Moyer-Packenham, School of Teacher Education and Leadership.

NIFA NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FOOD & AG - IMPLEMENTATION OF WESTERN REGION SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE RESEARCH AND EDUCATION: $3.1 million. This program offers opportunities to compete for USDA funding for sustainable agriculture research and education grants for institutions, farmers, and ranchers throughout the Western regions. PI: Phil Rassmussen, Plants, Soils, and Climate Department.

$100,000. This grant is to assess the state of theater education in American high schools, a project last undertaken in 1991 and previously in 1970. PI: Matt Omasta, Theatre Arts Department.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION AERONOMY GRANT: $552,000. The award will research radar studies of short-term variability in the electrodynamics of the low latitude Ionosphere. PI: Bela Fejer, Physics Department.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION’S NATIONAL CENTER FOR AIRBORNE LASER MAPPING SEED GRANT. The grant funds scientists to obtain a high-tech “bird’s-eye view” to study the state of Utah’s state fish, the imperiled Bonneville cutthroat trout. PI: Ryan Lokteff, Watershed Sciences Department.