Honors Capstone Project

As educational experiences designed to cap off the Honors curriculum, Honors Capstone Projects both showcase the value of an Honors education and act as springboards to the future.

What is an Honors Capstone Project?

In their final semesters, all Honors students complete an Honors Capstone Project. A capstone project is required for Honors graduation because these projects define the undergraduate experience and shape each student’s future. Honors Capstones offer professional training, opportunities to shape graduate school essays and publications, and evidence of independent initiative. Capstone mentors provide students with detailed recommendation letters, reliable advice about how to structure and complete their projects, connections to other professionals in their fields, and insight into the pursuit of professional goals.

The ultimate “Dare to Know,” the Honors Capstone empowers students to follow their curiosity, express their passions, and demonstrate their growth by managing a long-term project on the topic of their choice. Having completed this capstone experience, Honors students leave USU as developing researchers or creative practitioners in their fields and skillful advocates for the value of their own work. These qualities distinguish them from their peers as they apply for jobs, graduate programs, fellowships, internships, or volunteer opportunities. 

Please download The Honors Capstone Handbook to the right for more information. Honors students can also explore how to complete their Honors Capstone Projects in the Honors Capstone Canvas module.  The University Honors Program is committed to helping students succeed with their capstone projects, and students can always contact the Honors Academic Advisor, peer advisors, Departmental Honors Advisor, or Honors Program staff for additional support.