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Merrill Hall is located in South Campus, close to the Library and the Business, Engineering, and Fine Arts buildings.
*You must be 19 years or older to live in Merrill Hall.

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Floor Plan

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Floor plan of Merrill Hall


Merrill Hall
Bedroom 10' x 13'
Living Room/Kitchen 10' x 20'
Bathroom 7' x 8'

*Please Note: Dimensions for accommodations are approximations only. As with any physical structure, room sizes and dimensions may vary due to slight architectural differences and we cannot provide exact specifications for individual locations. While we understand you may want to purchase items for your room prior to arriving, it may be best to wait until you arrive when you can see the physical space within the unit.





Single Housing Comparison Chart

Residence Halls Options Meal Plan Amenities
Private Room Shared Room Full Kitchen Community Kitchen Required Optional All Utilities Included Wireless Internet Cable TV Free Laundry
Living Learning Community

Central Suites

Mountain View Tower

Richards Hall

Bullen Hall

Merrill Hall

Moen | Greaves | Reeder Halls

Morgan | Davis | Rich | Jones | San Juan | Wasatch | Summit Halls

Snow Hall

Blue Square Apartments



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Merrill Hall Rent Per Semester Meal Plan
Shared Room $1,745 Optional


Block Meal Plans Cost Per Semester
25 Meals $212.50
50 Meals $412.50
75 Meals $600.00

Block meal plans can be used at any dining location on campus and never expire. If using at any of the retail dining locations on campus, the cash equivalency of $7.50 can be used toward food purchases and will count as one meal off the plan.


Merrill Hall Rent (per semester) Minimum Meal Plan Minimum Total (per semester)
Shared Room $1,680 Optional $1,680



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