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SPRING 2019 Housing Deadline Details

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Spring Semester Payment

Spring semester housing charges will post to your University banner account on Friday November 16, 2018. The deadline to pay spring semester charges (tuition, fees, housing, and or dining) is Wednesday, December 12, 2018. Classes will be purged after this date if there is a balance remaining.

Contract Cancellation Requirements

If you do not meet one of the contract termination requirements listed below, you are responsible to either 1) sell your contract or 2) buy it out (75% of the rent amount for the remainder of your contract).

Contract termination requirements prior to the end of the 2018-2019 academic year are as follows:  Graduation, Marriage, Military Service, Medical Condition, University Required Internship (outside of Cache Valley) or complete withdrawal and non-registration at USU for the remainder of the academic year.

If you meet one of the requirements above, an "Petition to Terminate Contract" needs to be submitted online with the appropriate documentation by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2018.   You can access the form by clicking the gray "resident login" button on the housing homepage    Once you login through the USU authentication page, select the red "Cancel My Contract" button. Then select the "2018-19 Academic Year" button and the petition form will open for you to complete. Please make sure to click on the blue submit button at the bottom of the page.

If you submit the "Petition to Terminate Contract" after December 1, 2018, a $200 late termination fee will be charged.

Online Spring Semester Room Change Process

**We encourage you to speak with your Resident Assistant first if you are thinking of changing rooms due to a roommate conflict or other problems with your current living situation**

You can change your room for spring semester BASED ON AVAILABILITY by logging into the housing website November 27-29, 2018, and completing the online room change process.  A $25 room change fee will be assessed to your account when approved in additional to any rent difference.

When your room change is finished, you will receive an email with check out/check in information. Due to finals, the majority of moves will not be able to take place until the afternoon of Saturday, December 15, so please make any travel plans accordingly.

The online room change process will only be available for the dates listed above. After November 29 at 4:30 p.m., a room change request form (available at your area office) will need to be filled out. These forms will not be reviewed for approval until January 21, 2019.