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Residence Life Staff


Mountain View Tower Residence Director


John Terry

(435) 797-0494

Hello! My name is John Terry and I love USU. I graduated from here with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, left got a Masters of Science in Education degree from the University of Nebraska - Kearney, and came back. I just couldn't stay away. I love USU because it has an incredibly amount of ways to get involved. From the Howl, to Mardi Gras, to Humans Vs. Zombies, to the Central Campus Experience. We have it all! If you live in MVT come stop by my office (MVT 104) and say hello. Come check out my nerdy collection of pop figures, play a game of darts, and leave with some chocolate. I'd much rather get to know my residents than sit and stare at a computer screen all day.


Mountain View Tower Resident Assistants (RAs)


Kade Thornton
1st Floor

My Name is Kade, and I am very excited for this upcoming year. USU is a really good school full of lots of awesome professors and friends just waiting to be found. The campus atmosphere is always exciting, there are fun events around campus on an almost daily basis. I am a Junior in a Chemistry degree, and I enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing and hiking. I love talking with new people and making new friends, and Mountain View Tower is a good place to do just that. I look forward to an awesome year getting to know you. GO AGGIES!

James VanderMeyden
2nd Floor

This is my second year as a Resident Assistant here at Mountain View Tower. I'm looking forward to being a better Resident Assistant with great activities planned for this school year. I've made more friends here at USU in one semester than I was able to find throughout all of High School and a lot of that has to do with living here on campus. One of my favorite things about USU is Humans Vs. Zombie. It's a week-long game played here on campus that turned my first year here from 100% stress to 100% amazing! As for me I'm a huge fan of Ultimate Frisbee, Nintendo games, Board and Card games, and all sorts of outdoor activities. USU is an amazing place and I hope you will have as awesome a time as I have.

Wyatt Coggins
3rd Floor - Outdoor Adventures

This is my first year as an RA and I'm excited to help new and returning students achieve their potential. I am a freshman in the BFA Acting program here at USU and love to talk theatre. I'm also a crossfit, MMA, and outdoors fanatic. I'm looking forward to meeting and learning about my residents and myself in the process. Be sure to say "Hi" if you see me and Go Aggies!

Jordan Lowe
3rd Floor - Outdoor Adventures

I am a Junior studying Recreation and Resource Management. This is my second year as an RA but my first year as the Outdoor Adventure RA. Being outdoors is my passion and I can't wait to transfer that passion over to all of my residents to show them what opportunities we have here in Logan and at USU.

Tyson Olsen
4th Floor

I love USU because I love Logan! I am an electrical engineering major in my fourth year here. I love marksmanship sports and love to converse about virtually anything! I can't wait to start the year with the new set of Aggies!

McKall Vigil
5th Floor 

Hello! My name is McKall. I am a junior here at Utah State University. I am an Animal, Dairy, Veterinary Science major. I am excited to meet new people, try new activities, and make new memories on campus this year. Go Aggies!

Cassidy Hackett
5th Floor - Outdoor Adventures

Hi I'm Cassidy, my major is social work I love to help people anyway I can. I also love to spend as much time as I can doing pretty much anything like spending time outdoors, taking photos, watching movies. Pretty much I like to keep busy and try new things.

Yuxin Chen
6th Floor

What I really enjoy about Utah State is the study environment on campus. I am currently studying Biological engineering and I really enjoy my major! What I am looking forward to this upcoming school year is meeting new people and creating new friendships. One thing I like to do with my free time is watching crime shows on Netflix and hanging with my friends.

Sari Christensen
7th Floor 

An Aggie all my life I love this school!  I am from Logan and have been involved with USU my whole life.  I am a Psychology major with a minor in Linguistics working towards a career in Behavioral Analysis.  I have a deep love of communication and culture and believe that to understand the world we have to first understand its people.   I have studied TESL, Eastern Culture, and cultural differences as well as living in 4 countries in the last 4 years.  I am an eclectic hobbyist with a love of anything from calligraphy to crochet, horseback riding to binge-ing Netflix.  I love people and I'm so excited to get to work with and get to know each of you! Let's get this party started!

RHA Executive


Morgan Pales
RHA President

My Name is Morgan Pales I am a Senior majoring in Marketing. I am also the RHA President and Executive member in Central Campus. RHA has so many things planned that will give you the opportunity to be involved meet tons of your future friends as well as give you leadership and networking opportunities. But more importantly RHA is a great place to have fun and be social.