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Residence Life Staff


Student Living Center Residence Director


Erika Lindstrom

(435) 797-0683

I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Transylvania University (it's a real school, I promise) and my master's in Project Management and Organizational Leadership at Regis University. I've been working in student affairs for over six years and absolutely love it. I have a dog named Rocky and you may see me walking him in the area frequently. Feel free to come and pet him! I'm also a Lego and adventure enthusiast with a strong nerd side. My role here is to ensure that you enjoy your housing experience by supervising/training all student staff for the area, providing engaging and rewarding program opportunities for you, upholding community standards, and being an additional resource for you in all of your residential and academic endeavors. My office is located in the Lundstrom Center next to the front desk. So please stop by and introduce yourself sometime!


Student living center office


Tyler O'Loughlin
Office Administrator

I'm a senior studying Biochemistry. I've been in ResLife for 3 years. My hobbies include making music, cooking, and anything to do with the outdoors.


Student Living Center Resident Assistants (RAs)


Davis Hall


Harrison Fuller
1st-2nd Floors

I love the family feel of usu and the kindness everyone shows. I'm super pumped for my ice hockey class this year and for living on my own again.

Kaytriauna Flint
3rd-4th Floors

Hello! I'm Kaytriauna a Junior here at USU! I love football and hockey so catch me at all the games! I love Utah State because the people here are so friendly and making friends was easy! USU has a lot of great programs, events, and clubs to get involved in as well. I am super excited to be working with residents to make Utah State home.

Go Aggies!

Jones Hall


Elaine Pohlsander
1st-2nd Floors

I am a Sophomore here at USU majoring in English. As an out-of-state student and freshman, I was impressed with all the support offered by USU. I became a Resident Assistant because I want to give back and be that support for my fellow students. This year will be a challenge in many ways, but it will also be an incredibly valuable learning and growing opportunity that I look forward to embracing. Go Aggies!

Tayben Clay
3rd-4th Floors

I'm a Civil Engineering student and it is my third year attending USU. I love this campus so much, not only is it the prettiest campus in Utah, but also the friendliest. Personally I love to meet up with friends and either go rock climbing at the ARC or binge watch cartoons in the lounges. If you ever need someone to talk to or goof off with don't hesitate to ask anyone on campus. We are all here for you!

Morgan Hall


Angus Douglas
1st-2nd Floors

I am from Richfield, Utah and carry on a family tradition of attending USU. Having had grandparents, siblings, cousins, and other relatives graduate, I have gained an appreciation that USU has stayed small and traditional while continuing to push the frontier of educational boundaries. I look forward to working on my own personal education while growing alongside other aspiring students. 

I am double majoring in Elementary and Special Education. I love to work with kids and look forward to a happy career in doing what I enjoy. I am fluent in Spanish and love everything about Latin culture. I spend all of my free time traveling or planning on traveling to someplace I've never been. I am a closet nerd and will out movie you any day.

Emily Hill
3rd-4th Floors

Hi! I'm majoring in Law and Constitutional Studies in order to pursue my dreams of becoming a Guardian Ad Litem (a lawyer who works with Child Protective Services). I'm a transfer student from Snow College so I'm technically going into my junior year. I love art and special effects makeup and you will often see me covered in paint. I also speak fluent sarcasm and all of my jokes are very bad so I'll just apologize for that now. I'm so excited to be here at USU this year and I'm looking forward to making it the best it can be!

Rich Hall


Zach Crow
1st-2nd Floors

Hey y'all! My name is Zach, I'm a senior here at USU studying exercise science with a minor in psychology. I'm an army brat, so I grew up in Alabama, went to High School in Washington, and now I'm here in Utah. I'm in love with Chick-Fil-A, country swing dancing, sports, and anything outdoors. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can, Aggies all the way!!!I'm a 4th year student studying history and political science. I love both departments here at Utah State and am excited to work for housing this year!

Laney Baumann
3rd-4th Floors

Hello! I am going into my sophomore year and I am double majoring in Communication Disorders and Sociology! When I'm not studying, you can find me reading, writing, canoeing, or lap swimming. What I love most about USU is the Aggie community and everyone's commitment to making campus a second home. This year, I'm most looking forward to see how we, as a community, tackle social distancing and alternative learning. I know we can do it! Go Aggies!

San Juan Hall


Karissa Burton
1st-2nd Floors

Hello! I'm Karissa, i am a sophomore here at USU! I'm studying communications, and minoring in sociology!! I love USU for many reasons but one of my favorite things is how you become part of the Aggie Family as soon as you arrive on campus!!! This year I am looking forward to Aggie Basketball season! I love yelling the Scotsman at the top of my lungs in the spectrum!! I am always up for games and hikes! I'm excited to get to know you all!!

Preston Fearing
3rd-4th Floors

Hi! I'm a junior here at USU and I'm studying law. I love the atmosphere and community of USU and especially the Student Living Center! I can usually be found reading, watching Netflix, playing video games, or just hanging out with my friends. I'm originally from Chicago so if you're from the Midwest let's chat! I look forward to getting to know everyone! Go Aggies!

Snow Hall


Yuxin Chen
1st Floor

I love the community within USU. Everyone is very friendly and provide a welcome environment. I am looking forward to meeting new people on campus. I love to watch criminal minds during my free time and hang out with friends.

Green Skousen
2nd Floor

Hi! My name is Green Skousen, and I will be the RA for Snow 2nd floor this year! I am a Psychology Major, with a Computer Science Minor. I love Gaming, building PCs, and making music. Contrary to popular belief, my favorite color is Purple! You'll often find me working in the Student Living Center office. I'm really looking forward to helping build a community and I'm excited to get to know everyone!

Chandler Russell
3rd Floor

Hi! I'm Chandler. I'm from Johnstown, Colorado, and I'm majoring in civil engineering. What I've loved most about my time at USU has been my participation in the Aggie Marching Band playing the saxophone. I have a feeling that this year is going to be fantastic, and I can't wait to navigate it with you all! Go Aggies!

Mary McGregor
4th Floor

Hello! I'm Mary and this is my second semester as an RA but my first at SLC. I am originally from New Jersey and transferred to USU from my past university in Nashville! I love to binge watch Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ and my favorite music genre is anything pop. Some fun facts about me is I have actually never been on a hike and my favorite season is winter! I can't wait to meet you all this school year!!

Lauren Davenport
5th Floor

I'm a Junior here at Utah State, majoring in Elementary Education. I love music, reading and being outside. My dream is to live in a van with (future) corgi and visit all the national parks in the lower 48. This is my first year as an RA and I'm excited to be in Snow Hall. I love USU and I'm so excited for this upcoming year! Go Aggies!

Summit Hall


Riley Crezee
1st-2nd Floors

Hey Aggies! I'm Riley, the RA for Summit Hall 1st Floor. This is my second year as an RA at the Student Living Center. Last year I was named Rookie of the Year in the ResLife Awards. I'm looking forward to building bonds with my residents, even under these special circumstances! I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and my passion is student involvement! Besides ResLife, I'm involved in Student Events, the Student Alumni Association, the Office of Equity, and Fraternity and Sorority Life, as a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp). Let's have a great year, and Go Aggies!

Keila Saker
3rd-4th Floors

Hi my name is Kiki! Im a sophomore studying social work here at USU in hopes of becoming a therapist when I graduate. I seriously feel as though my calling in life is to dig deeper into peoples minds and help them through their problems.  I was born and raised in Hawaii so I'm kinda a fish outta water here in the mountains. I switch between a free spirit and a homebody depending on the day. I'm really excited to get to know everyone moving into summit hall and help you adjust in any way I can.

Wasatch Hall


Ashley Jimenez
1st-2nd Floors

I am a proud Latina! I am a first-generation American and college student. Loving meeting new Aggies and here to help you! Double majoring in Art and Landscape Artcheture. Creating and designing is what I am passionate about.

Chance Gunter
3rd-4th Floors

Hi, I'm Chance. I grew up in Washington State enjoying the outdoors. Some of my favorite hobbies are hiking, skiing, and listening to music. In my off time, I look for fun, new, creative activities to immerse myself in. I am a Management Information Systems major in the Huntsman School of Business. My favorite part about USU is all the campus activities and the outgoing atmosphere the campus brings. I am looking forward to making new friends and memories this year.

RHA Executive


Quinn Butler

Hello! I am a sophomore studying Social Studies Composite Teaching with minors in Physical Education/Sports Coaching, Portuguese, and Linguistics. My dad was in the Air Force so I moved around a lot, but if anyone asks me where I am from I will claim Louisiana. Here on campus I am also a member of the rugby team and the DSP fraternity, and outside of campus I enjoy training and competing in boxing and The Highland Games. I am the third generation of my family to come to school here, and I love it so much, so dont be afraid to ask me questions about anything, and if I don't know I will help you find out. I am so excited to work with the Residents Housing Association this year and I hope that you all will love Utah State as much as I do. GO AGGIES!