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Residence Life Staff


Student Living Center Residence Director


Erika Lindstrom

(435) 797-0683

I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Transylvania University (it's a real school, I promise) and my master's in Project Management and Organizational Leadership at Regis University. I've been working in student affairs for over six years and absolutely love it. I have a dog named Rocky and you may see me walking him in the area frequently. Feel free to come and pet him! I'm also a Lego and adventure enthusiast with a strong nerd side. My role here is to ensure that you enjoy your housing experience by supervising/training all student staff for the area, providing engaging and rewarding program opportunities for you, upholding community standards, and being an additional resource for you in all of your residential and academic endeavors. My office is located in the Lundstrom Center next to the front desk. So please stop by and introduce yourself sometime!


Snow Hall Graduate Residence Director


Sofia Rodriguez

(435) 797-5731


This year will be my fourth year working in Residence Life! I have had the opportunity to be the Global Village theme resident assistant, the Summer Citizen resident assistant, the Aggie Smart Start Coordinator and the Aggies Thrive Coordinator. This year, I'm excited to be the Graduate Residence Director for Snow Hall. Along with my awesome Snow staff, I'll be working to make your living experience enjoyable and fun. I am here to support you through your adventures this coming year! Don't hesitate to stop by my office (Lundstrom 106) and let me know how I can make your experience on-campus even better.


Student Living Center Resident Assistants (RAs)


Davis Hall


Linzie Ballard
1st-2nd Floors

I am a Junior at USU and currently majoring in Business Administration. I love animals, especially my two scary sphynx cats back home, and I have a love for ceramic artwork. I am obsessed with Lavender Vanilla gelato but not much of a fan of Olive Oil gelato. A few of the things I love about Utah State are: meeting new people, eating Aggie Ice-Cream, living in the SLC, cheering on all of the sports teams, especially football. Go Aggies! This year I am looking forward to a lot of new adventures and meeting a ton of new people! I love Utah State!

Tyler O'Loughlin
3rd-4th Floors

My name is Tyler O'Loughlin and I'm from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  This is my second year at Utah State, but my first year being an RA. My major is Biological Engineering. I am super excited to be here at USU, to learn a lot, and to make new friends.  My hobbies include playing the piano, playing the trombone, spending time with my friends, the outdoors, cooking, eating, sleeping, and anything to do with the Netherlands.

Jones Hall


Brayden George
1st-2nd Floors

Hi I'm Brayden! I am studying Industrial Heath as a Sophmore here at USU. I was born and raised here in the Salt Lake area and love how beautiful this state is. I definitely recommend seeing what it has to offer! I love Utah State because it feels like my home away from home and because of how much I have learned and grown in the past year. I hope to help you find your place here on campus as well!

Paulie Dryden
3rd-4th Floors

I am a sophomore from Pennsylvania, and so excited to be an RA this year! I love to play guitar, bake and cook, draw, and help people. I'm looking forward to a great year!

Morgan Hall


Kylee Behunin
1st-2nd Floors

I am a sophomore here at Utah State! I love it here at Utah State, especially how close it is to canyons where you can rock climb, hike and camp! I am studying Exercise Science, hoping to one day go to Physical Therapy School. I am so excited for a new school year and can't wait to meet new people! 

Nathaniel Skousen
3rd-4th Floors

My favorite place on the planet is The Pacific Northwest. I love trees and rain, and I love the culture there. I also enjoy games, be they video games or board games. I'm especially into Dungeons and Dragons right now, and I occasionally host my own sessions. 

Rich Hall


Bryson LaBar
1st-2nd Floors

Hey! I am Bryson LaBar. I am currently a sophomore working towards a BFA in Acting. I am obesssed with Disneyland/ roller coasters/ anything musical theater. If I'm not in class or at rehearsal I am probably reading, singing at the top of my lungs, or watching old compilations of Vines. I am so excited to get to know all of you and introduce you to the awesome activities and things to do around campus. 

Carly Payne
4th Floor

Hi! I'm a junior here at USU studying Management and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems. I love camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors. I'm also passionate about the ocean and I love music. I'm excited to be an R.A. this year!

San Juan Hall


Justyn Hardy
1st-2nd Floors

Surfing, hiking and travel!

Abby Lamborn
3rd-4th Floors

Hey, y'all! Here's a bunch of random info about me!- I'm a biological engineering major, I am from Riverton, Utah, I like long walks on the beach (or up a mountain), and my favorite band is Queen. My ultimate aspiration for the right side of my brain is to be a hippie and the left side of my brain wants me to be a mad scientist, so I'll probably do something between those two. Also, I'm psyched to be an RA in San Juan this school year!

Snow Hall


Nathon Taylor
1st Floor

Hello! My name is Nathon Taylor and I am currently a Junior here at Utah State University, pursuing a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. This is my second year as a Resident Assistant and I cannot wait for what this year will bring. Go Aggies!


Hannah McDonald
2nd Floor

I'm a senior here at USU, where I'm majoring in print journalism. I grew up in Las Vegas, so I'm passionate about the correct pronunciation of Nevada (it's Nev-ADD-a, not Nev-AH-da). My claim to fame: I once bought Oreos for Snoop Dogg.  

Mo Rhoades
3rd Floor

Hey, I'm Mo. I'm a third year student here at USU.I'm an Accounting Major at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. I have a soft spot in my heart for all kinds of literature and speculative fiction. If you can't find me reading a book or web publication, I'll either be out socializing or making some kind of craft. 

Alexis Cooper
4th Floor

Hi everybody! I am a senior studying bio-veterinary medicine and minoring in chemistry and biology. I spend most of my time stu(dying) in the library, but during my free time, I love to going to concerts, taking naps, and hammocking in the great outdoors. As an RA I am your listening ear and guiding hand. I'm excited to get to know our newest Aggies!

Catie Giraldes
5th Floor

This year will be my third year as an RA in Snow Hall. I am majoring in Social Work and passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy. You can frequently find me participating in events like PoBev or our local poetry slams in Logan. I am excited to see what this year will bring in new adventures, lessons, and friendships.

Summit Hall


staff photo

Shanena Allen
1st-2nd Floors

Hi I'm Shanena (Shay-na)! I am a Junior studying Human Biology and will be applying to medical schools later this year. This is my third year on campus but my first year being an RA. I love my two beta fish, Luca and Pretzels. I love hiking, listening to music, and watching movies. I've worked as a CNA the past 8 months but I am excited to start this new chapter being your RA!

Ammon Black
3rd-4th Floors

This is the beginning of my second year at Utah State studying Mechanical Engineering. I hail from St. George in Utah's hot red south. My hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, and streaming my favorite shows. I love good food and am always looking for the tastiest experiences to be found so please tell me of new restaurants and your favorite recipes!

Wasatch Hall


Brendin Salyer
1st-2nd Floors

Hello I'm Brendin. I'm a Softmore at USU studying Technology and Engineering Education. I enjoy camping, fishing, and baking in my spare time. Good luck with the year and let me know how I can help.

Erin Phillips
3rd-4th Floors

Hi there! I moved to Logan from Garland, Texas to major in Elementary Education here at USU, and I cannot be more honored to call myself an Aggie. Along with being an RA, I am a SAAVI Peer Educator and a swim instructor! My hope for this year is to connect with you and together we will grow socially, academically, physically, and mentally. I am super excited to meet you, so come by and say hey! This year will be the best ever.

RHA Executive


Rachel Barrus
NRHH President

I am so excited to be working with the Residence Hall Association this year. I love USU. The campus is beautiful and everyone is so eager to get involved. Go Aggies!