LLC Building E: 1st Floor

EcoHouse is a newly emerging theme housing option in the Living Learning Community (LLC). It is a part of the Residential Service and Sustainability Institute, which receives some of its funding from the USU 'Blue Goes Green Grant' program. EcoHouse is a student-driven initiative aimed at promoting sustainable living practices, first in the LLC, and then in other on-campus housing areas. This themed housing learning endeavor will provide training and resources to help students improve their peers and their own sustainable living habits.

Students that choose to live here will have the unprecedented opportunity to help reshape the policies and procedures that impact the residential carbon footprint on-campus. There has never been a greater opportunity for environmentally friendly students to live, learn, and grow together on the campus of Utah State University.

Perks of living in EcoHouse include:

  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Close location to area composter

Students at EcoHouse function

Students signed up to live in EcoHouse can also apply to become an EcoHouse Ambassador for the fall or spring semester. Ambassadors take a two-credit EcoReps class (ENVS 4950), plan a sustainability-themed event, write a student sustainability grant and get involved with the Student Sustainability Office on campus. At the end of the semester, Ambassadors will receive a $400 scholarship for successful completion of their responsibilities.

To join the Eco House theme, just select "Eco House" under the Theme Housing Options section when you sign up for housing.