USU Human Resources

Employee Exit/Transfer Process

Please direct questions and concerns to the Benefits Help Desk (435) 797-0122
Thank you for your service to USU!
Please take a few minutes to fill out this Questionnaire (Click to open)
The Exit Questionnaire is designed to obtain feedback from departing/transferring employees in an effort to help us improve the work environment at USU. The information you provide can be completely confidential, and your name and specific responses will not be revealed to your supervisor and/or department. The Office of Human Resources employees will review and summarize your feedback, and use the information to improve employment at USU.
This checklist is designed to: 
Remind the resigning employee about USU equipment or property that must be returned and consequences of failure to return that property
Notify service providers to discontinue service or transfer accounts, and
Remind departments to send a copy of any memorandum of understanding/agreement (or severance package information) to the Office of Human Resources (UMC 8800).
Benefits Wrap-Up Information
Medical and Dental Insurance:
·         If your last day falls between the 1st and 15th of the month, your insurance will end on the 15th.
·         If your last day falls between the 16th and the end of the month, your insurance will end on the last day of the month. 
·         COBRA is available – You will receive a letter in the mail from ASI COBRA explaining your options.  You have 60 days to elect the COBRA option.
Blue Cross Customer Service – (888) 370-6159
ASI COBRA Customer Service – (877) 388-8331
·         (Optional) Meet with a retirement counselor:
TIAA-CREF – Ryan Peterson, for appointments call (800) 732-8353
Fidelity – Teo Ngatuvai, for appointments call (800) 813-1239
Utah Retirement Systems, (800) 365-8772
·         Upon leaving the University, an employee has the option to withdraw or rollover certain retirement accounts.  For more information, contact the appropriate retirement vendor.
TIAA-CREF – (800) 842-2776
Fidelity – (800) 343-3548
Utah Retirement Systems – (800) 688-4015
Please Notify HR if you contributed to a Retirement Health Savings Plan (RHSP)
Flexible Spending
·         After leaving the University, an employee may submit claims for flexible spending on any expenses incurred while the employee was still actively employed at the University. 
ASI Flex – (800) 659-3035
Life Insurance
·         Exiting employees have the ability to convert their group life insurance policy into a private policy.  This is done through The Hartford.  You will have 90 days from the date of termination to make this request. 
Annual Leave
·         On the last paycheck, employees may receive a lump-sum payment of unused annual leave up to a maximum of 30 days.