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Employee Training and Development: USU is committed to providing training and other activities which, through professional development, support all USU employees in their ability to contribute to USU’s mission and contribute to their own career satisfaction.   

As part of this on-going commitment, USU now has a new website providing a hub for finding training across USU departments and units. 

A major feature of this new website is the Management Skills Training, with an extensive (and growing) list of topics in easy-to-find, fast-to-read module form. Find-it-in-one-minute, scan-it-in-two, then link to relevant forms, policies, and details on content experts’ webpages. The first modules being developed are for managers/supervisors. Modules for operational support staff are in the planning stage and will be coming soon.

And, of course, HR continues to have its own content-expert training, which you can access on this website.

Training Calendar

Human Resources Step-by-Step Training Modules:

  • Crucial Conversations
  • Employment Cycle
    Performance Appraisal
    Documenting Employee Performance
    Corrective Action
    Deciding to Terminate
    Termination Meeting
  • EPAF's in Banner    (Banner View)
  • HR Time Cards in Banner    (Banner View)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Workers Compensation Report
  • Workplace Violence


New Employee Benefits Orientation

Designating proxy under HR Banner

Human Resources Banner Training

Fair Labor Standards Act