Janet Quinney Lawson

In October 2021, the Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation gave the lead gift of $7 million to name the Janet Quinney Lawson Institute for Land, Water and Air. The generous gift creates an endowment that provides core support for the important work of the institute in perpetuity and is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Janet Quinney Lawson’s steadfast support of USU.

The Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation is thrilled to support Utah State and the creation of the Institute for Land, Water and Air. Janet was not only a huge supporter of the university and the incredible research they produce, she also had a deep love of Utah landscapes and was committed to ensuring that they were able to be enjoyed by generations to come. My grandmother would be so proud to see this institute become a reality knowing the broad impact that its work will have throughout our state.

Characterized by friends and family as a champion of environmental education and conservation, Janet Quinney Lawson dedicated herself to ensuring research and teaching in these vital areas thrive at Utah State University. The daughter of S.J. “Joe” and Jessie E. Quinney, Janet Quinney Lawson was instrumental in developing relationships between her own foundation, as well as the foundation that bears her parent’s names, that have enabled USU to become a leader in natural resources and its related fields.

In the early stages of designing an institute specializing in research data to guide policy makers as they tackle critical challenges in land, water and air, a group of seed donors provided unrestricted funds in order to create the foundation of what would eventually become the Janet Quinney Lawson Institute of Land, Water and Air including:

  • My Good Fund
  • Chevron
  • Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation