Aggie Impact - Science & Technology

Utah State University engages students in pioneering faculty-mentored research and inspires them to self-discovery. Through innovative research and evidence-based thinking, USU fosters a community of inventive scientific and technological authorities – faculty and student specialists alike – who strive to help the nation’s communities flourish.

Kristen Bullough is Growing Plants in Space

With the goal of growing plant life on Mars, plant science major Kristen Bullough works closely with botanist Bruce Bugbee to grow plants in artificial mediums.

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Jalin Finai Helps Children Hear the World Around Them

At Utah State University’s Pediatric Audiology Clinic, USU gradudate students work alongside certified audiologists to offer fast, life-changing solutions to children with hearing loss. Thanks to USU’s clinic, thousands of children, and counting, are now able to hear the world around them.

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Nick Markosian Makes the World Earthquake Resistant

Structural engineering major Nick Markosian is helping to make the world earthquake resistant at Utah State University’s SMASH Lab. In the SMASH Lab, students can push materials past their breaking point, and research and develop methods to strengthen buildings, bridges, roads, and more.

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USU President Noelle Cockett Helps Feed the World

Through genetic engineering, Utah State University President Noelle Cockett added the callipyge mutation found in sheep to numerous goats at USU’s Animal Sciences Farm. This discovery will sometime lead to breeding the callipyge goat in developing countries to help increase their food supply.

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Making Impact By the Numbers

430 number of experiments USU and SDL have sent into space
USU science graduates’ acceptance rates to medical, dental and other professional and graduate programs consistently exceed national averages.
- U.S. News and World Report, “America's Best Graduate Schools,” 2018 edition
Since 1998, USU has 37 Goldwater Scholars.