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You decide where you want to create your impact — from scholarships that assist students who need a helping hand and endowments that attract world-class faculty, to program and research support that enhance educational offerings and provide service to our communities — areas of impact are as diverse as our more than 250,000 Aggie alumni.

Whether you’re one of our alumni, friends or community members, you’re part of the Aggie Family and your giving makes an impact on our students, faculty, programs and community. Call us at 1-888-OLD-MAIN (653-6246) or email to learn more about how you can create your impact by making a gift to Utah State University.

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Jalin Finai Helps Children Hear the World Around Them

At Utah State University’s Pediatric Audiology Clinic, USU gradudate students work alongside certified audiologists to offer fast, life-changing solutions to children with hearing loss. Thanks to USU’s clinic, thousands of children, and counting, are now able to hear the world around them.

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USU President Noelle Cockett Helps Feed the World

Through genetic engineering, Utah State University President Noelle Cockett added the callipyge mutation found in sheep to numerous goats at USU’s Animal Sciences Farm. This discovery will sometime lead to breading the callipyge goat in developing countries to help increase their food supply.

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Making Impact By the Numbers

Aggie license plates have raised more than $1.3 million for scholarships
$30 million
in donor-funded scholarships awarded in 2019-20
7,632 students
received donor-funded scholarships in 2019-20