Asian Student Association

The mission of the Asian Student Association is to preserve Asian culture, promote cross-cultural experiences, and create a supportive learning environment. ASA shares Asian culture through bi-weekly club meetings, events that create awareness, education outreach, and community projects. The Asian Student Association is open to the entire Utah State University campus and surrounding community.

Position Officer
President Katrina Lam
Vice President Eh Ler Moo
Secretary Rachel Tong
Treasurer Htoo Poe Sar
Public Relations Alaisa Phithak

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    The ASA meets Fridays weekly at 5:00 PM in the MSS lounge (TSC 322E)

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Club Constitution

Article I - Name, Motto, Emblem, and Membership

Section One: Name

1.1 This organization shall be known as the Asian Student Association of Utah State University.

Section Two: Motto

2.1 The motto of the organization is to preserve Asian culture, promote cross-cultural experiences, and provide a supportive learning experience.

Section Three: Emblem

3.1 The emblem for this organization shall be a circular sphere.
3.2 The sphere represents the never-ending acquirement of knowledge.

Section Four: Membership

4.1 Annual membership fees are to be determined by the ASA Executive council
4.2 Members must be registered students at USU.
4.3 During spring elections, only registered students are eligible to vote.

Article II - Executive Offices

Section One: Executive Offices

1.1 Executive offices of the organization consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasures, Public relations and Activities Coordinator.
1.2 Students running for office must maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.0.
1.3 No person shall hold two offices within the ASACouncil.

Article III - Executive Council Responsibility

Section One: Duties Concerning Organization as a Whole

1.1 The executive council must consider all matters concerning the organization as a whole.
1.2 If an officer is absent, the existing council will determine if it’s necessary that the position be filled.

Section Two: Responsibility of Officers

2.1 Duties of the President shall include, but not limited to:

  • Preside over all meetings and act as the chairman of the executive council.
  • Supervise and oversee the work of the various officers of the organization.
  • Set up meetings with the executive council.
  • Attend all Presidents meetings.
  • Interpret the Constitution and have the decision be final, except upon an objection being raised and sustained by a majority vote.

2.2 Duties of the Vice President shall include, but not limited to:

  • Assist the President.
  • Oversee all activities and participate as a public speaker.

2.3 Duties of the Secretary shall include, but not limited to:

  • Keep records of council meetings and have custody to all papers of the organization not held by individual officers.
  • Permit access to records only to members or persons with authorization.
  • Maintain membership records, which shall include: full name, email information.
  • Contact all members and update them on events and meeting.

2.4 Duties of the Treasurer shall include, but not limited to:

  • Full responsibility for the safeguard of all monetary funds.
  • Unless due to various circumstances, be the only one permitted to write purchase orders.
  • Submit a proper financial report monthly.
  • Maintain a continuous audit of budgeted financial operations.

2.5 Duties of the Public Relations Officer shall include, but not limited to:

  • Responsible of all advertising of upcoming events and or activities concerning of the ASA recruitment.

2.6 Duties of the Activities Coordinator shall include, but not limited to:

  • Responsible for finding areas to hold activities along with forming its atmosphere.
  • Responsible for contacting all those involved in all activities.
  • Organize forums involving faculty and the entire student body.

2.7 At least two officers must be present in order to hold meetings without the President present.

Article IV - Assets, Property, and Dissolutions

Section One: Asset and Properties

1.1 No asset or property, including accounts shall denote ASA, or be distributable to its members, except that such entities shall be authorized.
1.2 Members shall be reimbursed for all expenses incurred.

Section Two: Dissolution

2.1 Current officers shall dispose of the assets after paying or making provision for payment of any liabilities only with the authorization of the entire council.

Article V - Budget

Section One: Budget

1.1 ASA Budget various every academic school year.
1.2 ASA can go to the USUSA Diversity VP and proposes a bid for their club event.

Article VI - Amendments

Section One: Amendments

1.1 This constitution may be amended when such amendments are approved by 2/3 majority of the Executive council.
1.2 In cases when amendments cannot be made, the majority of the Executive Council shall overrule.
1.3 Amendments may be proposed in writing by any member of the organization.