Pinnacle Honor Society

Pinnacle is a national honor society for nontrad students, placing emphasis on academic excellence, leadership, service, persistence, and future promise. Seniors and exceptional Juniors are invited to apply. With over 150 chartered institutions on more than 175 campuses, Pinnacle honorees can be found in every corner of our nation. Pinnacle issues charters to accredited colleges and universities which, in turn, select outstanding nontraditional seniors and “rising seniors” for recognition at the local and national level. Pinnacle is proud of its large and diverse institutional membership list, which includes Utah State University.

Pinnacle Honor Society

Pinnacle Inductees

Who can join Pinnacle?
Students selected for membership in Pinnacle must meet the following criteria:
  1. Qualify as adult or nontraditional students under locally-derived and maintained definitions
  2. Preferably have senior status, although exceptional juniors may be selected for membership, and graduate students may be selected for membership in the Graduate Division
  3. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (3.4 GPA for graduate students)
  4. Have been involved in at least three (3) campus and/or community activities
  5. Demonstrate leadership, persistence, and future promise
  6. Maintain the highest ethical standards

Pinnacle Honor Society Inductees

Name Years Category
Brittany J. Titensor 2016-2017 Undergraduate
Michael R. Nelson 2016-2017 Undergraduate
Michelle L. Muldowney-Stevens 2016-2017 Undergraduate
Sonja L. Schaefermeyer 2016-2017


Outstanding New Member

Reid Youmans 2016-2017 Outstanding Faculty/Staff Member
Juana Andrade Batalla 2017-2018 Undergraduate
Julia V. Gill 2017-2018 Undergraduate
Cesar F. Flores 2017-2018 Undergraduate
Rebecca Johnson 2017-2018 Outstanding New Memeber
Michelle Bogdan-Holt 2017-2018 Outstanding Faculty/Staff Member
Robert Wolfley 2018-2019 Undergraduate
Brittani Naegle 2018-2019 Undergraduate
Mikayla Austin 2018-2019 Undergraduate
Michale Maher 2018-2019 Undergraduate
Angelina Klein 2018-2019 Outstanding New Member
Jeffery Stout 2018-2019 Graduate
Jessica Habashi 2018-2019 Outstanding Faculty Member
Stephanie Hamblin 2018-2019 Outstanding Staff Member
Andreas Wesemann 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Colby Hendrix 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Eri Ethington 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Janan Esplin 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Janice Snow 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Rockie Ricks 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Sofia Berrett 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Summaria Phatak 2019-2020 Undergraduate
Anca Matcovschi 2019-2020 Graduate
Niyonta Chowdhury-Magana 2019-2020 Graduate