New Academic Programs

We are thrilled to offer three new programs to all undergraduate students across USU’s campuses starting in Fall 2021. Students currently enrolled in WGS 1010, WGS 3010 or WGS 4010 can receive credit toward the Minor or Certificate Programs.


Intersectional Gender Studies (IGS) Minor

The IGS Minor offers a unique program for undergraduate students seeking breadth and depth training in gender studies. The interdisciplinary program trains students to think critically about gender inequality at the intersection of race, ethnicity, social class, gender identity and expression, and sexual identity.

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Sexuality Studies Minor

The Sexuality Studies Minor offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study sexuality and the body – including the history and politics of sexual norms and practices, and the ways in which sexuality shapes identity and representation. This interdisciplinary minor will complement any major or minor.

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Inclusive Leadership Certificate

The goal of the Inclusive Leadership Certificate is to prepare USU students to lead in an increasingly diverse and global world. This certificate is appropriate for students planning careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Students will develop interdisciplinary grounding in inclusive leadership principles, theories and research, and gain valuable communication, collaboration and community engagement skills and experience.

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