INTERSECTIONS Event Co-sponsorship

Application deadline for 2021-2022 events:
Sept. 30, 2021

To support the Center’s goal of increasing the visibility and impact of intersectional gender scholarship and creative activities, we seek proposals for co-sponsorship of campus-wide events and initiatives. The Center seeks to support a wide variety of events but is especially interested in programming that is intellectually enriching to undergraduate and graduate students and faculty across USU’s campuses. For examples of the kind of events we support, please see our list of past events.

Given the uncertainty surrounding group gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to offer funds for in-person events, but we invite applications for the 2021-2022 academic year that engage USU students and faculty in a virtual setting.


Application Requirements

  • Completed Cover Page, including name, contact information, title or role at USU, Department or unit.
  • Proposal (2 pages)
    • Event description (type, location, speakers, etc.)
    • Estimated number of attendees or participants
    • Description of the event's contribution to the Center's mission. 
    • Plan to engage students and faculty at statewide campuses. (We encourage you to reach out to Rich Etchberger, Vice Provost of Statewide Campuses, at or (435) 797-4107 to explore opportunities to engage statewide faculty and students.)
  • Budget
    • Total cost of the event.
    • Total amount requested from the Center (up to $500).
    • List of other units on campus that are supporting this event.
  • Submit all materials in a single PDF to

Sponsorship Details

  • The Center will promote co-sponsored events by including them on our website and distributing them on our listserv.
  • The Center must be credited as a co-sponsor on all publicity materials.
  • The event must be sponsored by multiple units on campus (e.g. the Inclusion Center, departments or colleges, the Office of Research, the Latinx Cultural Center, etc.)