New USUSA Club & Organization Registration

How to Start a USUSA Club & Organization
Interested in starting a new USUSA Club & Organization? Follow these steps to start the process!

1. Review the USUSA Clubs Handbook prior to starting the registration form. This allows you to familiarize yourself with requirements and items needed to be a registered USUSA Club.
2. Create a Club Constitution using our online template 
3. Locate a club advisor and complete the advisor form
4. Provide a list of your club members. All USUSA clubs must have a minimum of five members. All members must be current USU students. You will submit your roster in the registration form. 
5. Complete the USUSA Clubs & Organization Registration Form.

I have completed my form, what's next?

Once your registration form has been submitted, the Council of Clubs & Organizations with USUSA will review and send a notification within two weeks. 

Contact the Council of Clubs & Organizations at