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Getting Started With a New Contract

When you identify a need to bind another party to do something for USU or another party wishes to bind USU to do something, a contract should be drafted and executed.  Here is how to get started: 

  • Financial Officer.  Most contracts include financial obligations.  Because of this, coordinating with your college's financial officer is a great place to start the contract process.  Often, the financial officer will have access to university-approved contract templates that can accellerate the creation and signature collection timeline.
  • Contracting Unit. After coordinating with the financial officer, contact the University unit responsible for the type of contract that you need.  The following list includes USU's primary contracting units and the types of contracts with which they work:  

  • Manage Expectations. Manage your and the counter party’s timeline expectations. Recognize that preparing a contract takes time.  Sometimes simple contracts based on University templates can be produced in a matter of minutes. Unique transactions often require that a tailored contract.  Work with the contracting unit to identify a timeline.