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Licensing Requirements


All items bearing the university trademarks must be produced by a licensed vendor.

There are two forms of licenses available with Utah State University, depending upon the type of product and how it is manufactured.

Persons interested in making crafted items using Utah State trademarks are eligible to apply for a crafters license.

Businesses interested in producing items using the Utah State trademarks can apply for a license with Utah State’s licensing partner, CLC.

Items manufactured for internal use, by students, staff, and/or affiliates, must be first approved internally (as set out in more detail in the university Visual Identity Program) and must be manufactured by a licensed vendor.

Utah State University’s trademarks, as well as other names, seals, logos, school colors, and other indicia that are representative of the university, may only be used with permission from Utah State University.

All IMG licensed vendors are required to identify its product with the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label. This label signifies to alumni, students, fans, and supporters that they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that has been manufactured in accordance with the university standards. At Utah State University, net revenues generated through the sale of licensed merchandise support the general scholarship fund and athletic programs. Products that do not bear the label, but use the marks of Utah State University, may represent infringement of the trademark laws.