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Classical Drama and Theatre

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Spring 2016

Below is a general outline of what we will cover each day in class. This schedule is not written in stone but should serve as a guideline so that you know approximately how long we will spend on various sections of the class. Assignments are written in red on the dates they are due. The assignments below will be linked to their respective chapters as they become available.

SECTION 1: The Origins of Western Theatre
Day/Date Material to be covered that day in class
T 1/12 Introduction to the Class; Overview of Greek and Roman Civilization
H 1/14 Chapter 1: Theatre and History, Some Definitions
T 1/19 Chapter 2: The Origins of Theatre and Drama
H 1/21 Chapter 3: The Early Greek World
H 1/28 Chapter 4.1: The Origins of Greek Theatre, Part 1; READING 1: Bacchylides, The Theseus Dithyramb
T 2/2 Chapter 4.2: The Origins of Greek Theatre, Part 2
H 2/4 Discussion and Reaction (General Greek Theatre, Early Greek Tragedy, General Greek Tragedy)
SECTION 2: Classical Greek Tragedy
Day/Date Material to be covered that day in class; assignments due
T 2/9 Chapter 5: The Classical Age of Greece; Reaction (Section 1)
H 2/11 Chapter 6: Greek Classical Theatre
H 2/18 Chapter 7.1: Classical Greek Tragedy (Early Greek Tragedy and Aeschylus)
T 2/23 Chapter 7.2: Classical Greek Tragedy (Sophocles)
H 2/25 Chapter 7.3: Classical Greek Tragedy (Euripides); READING 2: Euripides, Bacchae
T 3/1 Discussion and Reaction (General Greek Theatre; Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides)
H 3/3 Ketchup and Revue; Project Prospectus
SECTION 3: Greek Comedy
Day/Date Material to be covered that day in class; assignments due
T 3/15 Midterm Exam
H 3/17 Chapter 8: Satyr Plays and Old Comedy Before Aristophanes; READING 3: Euripides, Cyclops; Reaction (Section 2)
T 3/22 Chapter 9: Aristophanes; READING 4: Aristophanes, Frogs
H 3/24 Chapter 10: Later Greek Comedy; READING 5: Menander, The Arbitrants
T 3/29 Chapter 11: Post-Classical Greek Theatre; READING 6: The Oxyrhynchus Mime ("The Adulteress")
H 3/31 Discussion and Reaction (Aristophanes, Menander)
SECTION 4: Roman Drama and Theatre
Day/Date Material to be covered that day in class; assignments due
T 4/5 Chapter 12: The Roman World; First ABWS
H 4/7 Chapter 13: Early Roman Drama and Theatre; Reaction (Section 3)
T 4/12 Chapter 14.1: Roman Comedy (Plautus); READING 7: Plautus, The Braggart Soldier
H 4/14 Chapter 14.2: Roman Comedy (Terence)
T 4/19 Chapter 15: Roman Tragedy; READING 8: Seneca, Phaedra
H 4/21 Chapter 16: Late Classical Theatre and Drama; READING 9: Charition
T 4/26 Discussion and Reaction (Plautus, Terence, Seneca)
H 4/28 Play Review Presentations; Project(s); Research Paper; Second ABWS
FINAL EXAM: Thursday, May 5; 9:30-11:20 pm, Main 227; Final Exam; Capstone Paper; Play Review; Reaction (Section 4)


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