Data Science Club

Who We Are

We live in a world that increasingly demands the ability to extract, analyze, and communicate insight drawn from data. The mission of the USU Data Science Club is to promote confidence in students pursuing careers in data related fields. Students gain exposure to the realities of data science careers by listening to presentations given by professionals and learn about common tools in data analysis through group projects and student presentations.

Past Activities

Historically, the USU Data Science club has been centered around bringing in professionals who work in data science. These professionals will give presentations on projects they are working on, technologies they work with, and will give advice to students who wish to pursue a data science career. Occasionally, the club will sponsor group projects and data challenges where students compete against each other on a common dataset. Other times, we have had students give presentations on tools that are used in data science. (e.g., deep learning libraries, R packages, Python packages, etc.)

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Data Science


Ethan Ancell | President
Gavin Eddington | Vice President
Joel Christensen | Secretary
Brennan Bean | Faculty Advisor

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