Graduate Program Financial Aid

The USU Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers multiple options for graduate students seeking financial assistance. The following are offered through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics:

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students with a teaching assistantship (TA) teach one math or stat class per semester under the supervision of a faculty member, or assist professors by leading 3 recitation sections of large lecture classes. Graduate TAs earn an academic year (9-month) stipend of $16,500 (about $27/hour) for incoming MS students and $20,900 (about $35/hour) for incoming PhD students. These are part-time positions, generally 15-20 hours per week, and teaching assistantships also include full tuition waivers plus subsidized health insurance. Most qualified MS and PhD students receive assistantships. Students in professional degree programs (MData and MMath) are not eligible for teaching assistantships but may be considered for adjunct teaching opportunities.

Research Assistantships

Several faculty receive funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, the USGS Bioresources Division and other state and federal agencies to conduct research programs. Their grants often support graduate researchers (RAs) who assist on a project while completing their own thesis research. RAs are available for summer and all or part of the academic year, depending on the source of funding and supervisor. The department may round out part-time RA support with teaching assistantships to give a year-round financial package.

Adjunct Teaching Opportunities

Graduate Students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics have the option of applying to teach as an adjunct instructor in place of either a teaching assistantship or a research assistantship. Adjuncts are paid on a per course basis divided over the semester period. They may then use a portion of this adjunct pay to cover tuition, fees, and other expenses incurred in their graduate program.

Graduate Scholarships

The Department has a limited number of scholarships (Powell and Weaver) specifically for graduate students.  For details, see the list of named scholarships at

In addition to financial aid offered through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics the USU Research and Graduate Studies office has information about other financial aid opportunities that can be found here.

For any questions regarding financial aid for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics please contact Gary Tanner - (435) 797-2595