Faculty FAQ

How to Schedule a Room?

  1. In Animal Science Building (Rooms 101, 112, 119, or 314), contact Cailin cailin.mcgarry@usu.edu (7-2808) or Jared jared.hileman@usu.edu (7-0600) to reserve a room.
  2. All Other Rooms (including ANSC 304) are technically scheduled by University Scheduling. Please go to scheduling.usu.edu and follow these steps:
    1. Enter in your A-number and strong password.
    2. On the left side of the screen, click on “Create a Reservation.”
    3. Choose where you would like to reserve a room and click “book now.”
    4. Choose the date you would like to reserve a room. If you would like to book the room for multiple days, press “Recurrence” and follow the steps.
    5. Choose the time you would like to reserve a room.
    6. Under “Locations” on the left-hand side, click “search” to find a room. If you know what room you would like to reserve already, type in the room name in the search bar on the left-hand side.
    7. All the rooms you can request should pop up in the left most column. Look for your requested time between the two red lines. A classroom is available if it is white/gray in color. If you want to know what features the classroom has such as what it looks like or the max capacity, click on the blue classroom name in the left most column.
    8. Once you have chosen what room you would like to reserve, click on the green plus icon.
    9. Enter in your No. of attendees and the setup type you would like.
    10. If you want to book another room, you can do so now.
    11. Your selected rooms should be located near the top of the screen. If you decide you would like to get rid of a reservation, just click the red icon to remove it.
    12. Now that you have chosen the room(s), press the net button near the top right.
    13. Enter in your information. Under event name, put the title of your class, event, etc.
    14. Click on “Create Reservation.” After completing these steps, you should receive an email with the reservation details.

            To view existing reservations or cancel a reservation:

  1. Go to scheduling.usu.edu and enter in your A-number and strong password.
  2. Click on “My Events” on the left-hand side. Here you can view your current and past reservations.
  3. If you would like to delete or edit a reservation, click on the name of your reservation
  4. To edit your reservation, click on the blue pencil icon on the bottom left
  5. To delete your reservation, either click on “Cancel Reservation” or the red icon near the bottom left.
  1. Gary Tanner gary.tanner@usu.edu schedules all USU in-person math courses by semester and will notify you before the semester begins with your assigned classrooms.

How To File & Follow Up On An Incomplete Grade?

  1. If a student requests an incomplete grade from the instructor AND the instructor agrees that an Incomplete grade is warranted (based on USU Policy guidelines), they will need to complete the Incomplete Grade ServiceNow form with the student with “extenuating circumstances”.
    • Because this process has moved to ServiceNow, incomplete grades have been removed from the Canvas and Banner grade submission applications.
  2. This new form will walk instructors through all the necessary steps to submit an incomplete grade that aligns with USU policy (Incomplete Grade ServiceNow form). Once the request has been submitted by the instructor, it will then be sent to students for approval via email before being processed by Registrar’s Office. Once it is approved or denied by the Registrar’s office, the student and the instructor will be notified.
  3. When the incomplete work has been completed, the instructor will process the Change of Grade. If the student does not complete the necessary work, the grade will automatically revert to the grade assigned at the beginning of the incomplete grade process.

How to Hire an Hourly Student Employee

  1. Consider how this new position be funded. (Course Fees, Grants, Dept. Funds)
  2. See Sara Poulsen (7-0244) sara.poulsen@usu.edu for questions regarding the correct index numbers or account balance.
  3. Is the employee a graduate or undergraduate student?
    • Undergraduate Student: Contact Brent Thomas brent.thomas@usu.edu (7-7694) and/or Randall Haws randall.haws@usu.edu (7-0596) to discuss whether the position falls under the Math/Stat Teaching Fellow job description. This will be determined by description of course work, course fee availability, current pay rates and time approvals.  If the student falls under an MSTF category, Randall and Brent will complete the hiring process with the student and inform faculty member when the process is complete, and the student can begin work. The student will be required to complete an application for an MSTF position on Aggie Handshake.
    • If not MSTF, contact Sara Poulsen (7-2808) sara.poulsen@usu.edu with a thorough job description for a required posting of the new position on Aggie Handshake prior to hiring. Hiring faculty will be responsible for twice monthly AggieTime approvals.
    • Graduate Student: Contact Gary Tanner gary.tanner@usu.edu to discuss pay rate and to ensure student can qualify to do hourly work. Completion of a 20+ Form (gradschool.usu.edu/work-more-than-20-hours/) may be required. Hiring faculty will be required to do twice monthly AggieTime approvals for graduate student hourly work. (See “How Do I Approve AggieTime?” dropdown link)
  4. For graduate students and non-MSTF hourly positions, fill out the necessary New Hire EPAF Form. Please remember that we will need a few days for paperwork to be entirely processed.  The following are deadlines for new positions:
    • Students beginning work 1st -15th Pay Period – Info must be completed by 10th
    • Students beginning work 16th – Month End Pay Period – Info must be completed by 25th
  5. Is the student a New Hire or a Rehire for the Department or for USU? If the student is a New Hire, Contact College Business Manager, Alana Ward alana.ward@usu.edu (7-1825), at the College of Science for New Hire I-9 and other paperwork. New students CANNOT begin 1st day of work until their I-9 is completed.  All student hourly employees will need to complete a new ACA Form for each new position number.  Please follow up with those you supervise to ensure full compliance with hiring paperwork is complete.  Contact Business Services staff with any questions or concerns.
  6. REMEMBER to promptly approve AggieTime hours every pay period.
    • (See “How Do I Approve AggieTime?” below)

What Paperwork Do I Need to Complete For Travel?

Before Travel

  1. What are the university requirements for travel? (www.usu.edu/policies/515/)
  2. Do you know you have access to funding to cover the trip? If not, seek approval from Department Head (John Stevens john.stevens@usu.edu) and Business Manager (Ting Xue ting.xue@usu.edu).
  3. Fill out the necessary Travel Authorization form prior to starting any travel in ServiceNow. Further instructions and training is provided at www.usu.edu/travel/  and on the Integrated Learning System entitled “Travel Authorization, Reimbursement and Cash Advance”. Be sure to include a detailed description of the reason for travel.  Also, do all you can to combine travel with other colleagues traveling for the same reason. Notify Sara Poulsen if you will be combining any travel for appropriate paperwork.
  4. Once you have your Travel Authorization (TA) number, you may book your flights, hotels, and automobile use yourself and get reimbursements after the fact. You may also seek help from our department Business Assistant, Sara Poulsen, to help you with these bookings. There is guidance for booking and university discounts provided under “Before Travel” on the USU Travel Website.
  5. Understand your hotel cost and meal per diem limits before booking and be sure to gather and track all receipts so you can receive a full reimbursement for your expenses upon your return.

After Travel

  1. You can access your Travel Authorization on ServiceNow portal. By clicking on the TA number, you can access this form to add information to and attach receipts. You can continue to Save Progress and Submit once the form is complete. This process should be completed within 30 days of travel completion.
  2. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Sara Poulsen (7-2808) sara.poulsen@usu.edu.

How do I approve AggieTime?

  1. Log in at aggietime.usu.edu with your A# and strong password.
  2. Go to Approvals in the left-hand column, check to be sure you are approving the right pay period at the arrow at the top of the page, then click on the name of each person whose hours you need to approve.
  3. Mark your calendar for the morning of the 1st and 16th of every month. Approvals should be done at this time to be sure you are not holding up payroll submission for department staff.
  4. For further step-by-step instructions, go to USU’s Integrated Learning System (ils.usu.edu), log in and watch “AggieTime” training course. You can find this training by using the search bar at the top of the page.
  5. If you have trouble after attempting these instructions, please reach out to Sara Poulsen sara.poulsen@usu.edu.

Grant/Account Management

How to find grant funding opportunities
The USU Division of Research Development subscribes to a search engine called GrantForward. You can find massive grant opportunities using this search engine.

What is the proposal process?
Sponsored Program Office (SPO) oversees the entire grant application and proposal review process. Here, SPO provided an overview of the relevant policies and procedures.

How much money is available in my grant?
Primary investigators can access the grant account balance through Argos Report or by contacting Business Assistant Sara Poulsen (7-0244) sara.poulsen@usu.edu. You can also set up a monthly or quarterly meeting with the department Business Assistant to go over your accounts.

Do I need to spend my start-up fund by end of year 3?
It is encouraged to do so, as the remaining fund after year 3 is subject to relinquishment.

Can I use my grant to pay for something?
This should follow your awarded grant/contract budget, which will be checked when setting up the grant index. There may be certain flexibility, which should follow the funding agency's policy and regulation, as well as their program officer's pre-approval. Do not hesitate to contact the department Business Manager, should you have questions or need assistance related to the grant Pre-award or Post-award budget.

What are the Trainings I am Required To Do?

  1. Between July 1 and October 31 each year, USU requires annual compliance training for ALL employees on topics including FERPA, IT Security, Respectful Workplace, Cash and Credit Card Handling, Campus Security, and Title IX.  Exact topics and deadlines are role-specific.
  2. To see which trainings are required for your role each year, log in to USU's Integrated Learning System (ILS) with your A# and strong password, and look at all topics listed under "My Learning List" that are labeled "Annual Compliance".
  3. Most trainings can be completed online, but the Title IX training must be done live (in person or via Zoom) after registering for a specific training session (via ILS).

Registration Options Form

  • For registration functions that can't be completed by the student in Banner.
    • Class is full
    • Instructor approval is needed (after waitlist goes away on Sept. 7th)
  • Student initiates “Service Now” Registration Options Form Service Now Form
  • Approved/Rejected by Instructor
  • If approved, it goes to Advising Office to check the prerequisites
  • After prerequisites are verified, form goes to Registrar’s office
  • Registration Options Form (registration error override, professor permission, etc.)