JHomogenizer Graphical User Interface

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This page contains links that allow you to download the JHomogenizer interface and codes needed to go along with the homogenization tool. Also, you can download a User's Guide for the interface. More will be included on this page in the very near future. For now try to work through the User's Guide.

If you want me to receive an e-mail to let you know when new versions of the software beome available send me an e-mail so I can include you on a mailing list.

Also, if you want to make suggestions or report problems with the software please e-mail me. I will do what I can to answer questions and fix problems.

Software Links:

The following instructions are very brief and will be fleshed out in the near future.

To install the code do the following:

Links to Examples of JHomogenizer Use:
The following links will get you to web pages describing examples of how to use the software in testing homogenization methods included in the package on benchmark problems established over a number of years. There is some repitition. However, if you work through all of the examples, you will gain experience in how to use a number of features of the JHomogenizer tool. The best place to see all information for the JHomogenizer tool are given in the User Guide for the tool.
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