USU Math and Stats Faculty Research Interests

Gary Tanner

Graduate Program Coordinator

Gary Tanner

Office Location: Animal Science 108
Phone: 435.797.2595


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Statistics - PhD
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - PhD
  • Pure and Applied - PhD
  • College Teaching - PhD
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Masters Programs

  • Data Analytics - Mdata
  • Mathematics - MS
  • Statistics - MS
  • Master of Mathematics - MMath
  • Industrial Mathematics - MS
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Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Member Research Interests Contact
Ian M. Anderson Differential Geometry, Lie Theory, Symbolic Computing, General Relativity, Exterior Differential Systems Faculty Website
David Brown Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Matrix Theory, Ordered Sets, Graph Entropy, Fractional Graph Theory, Rank over Semirings Faculty Website
Brennan Bean   Faculty Website
James Cangelosi Mathematics Education, Educational Assessment, Teaching and Classroom Management Strategies Faculty Website
Daniel Coster Experimental Design, Public Health, Bayesian MCMC Methodology, Medical Statistics, Linear and Non-Linear Statistical Models Faculty Website
Peter Crooks Lie Theory, Symplectic Geometry, Representation Theory Faculty Website
Adele Cutler Data Science, Statistical Learning, Data Mining, Statistical Computing, Random Forests, Archetypal Analysis Email
Richard Cutler Biostatistics, Random Forests Faculty Website
Mark Fels Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics Faculty Website
Nathan Geer Quantum Topology Faculty Website
Luis Gordillo Applied Mathematics; Biological Invasions Faculty Website
Joseph Koebbe Computational Mathematics, Multiscale/Multiphysics Analysis, Wavelets, Homogenization, Numerical Differential Equations Faculty Website
Brynja Kohler Mathematics Education Faculty Website
Andreas Malmendier Core Mathematics Faculty Website
Kevin Moon Machine Learning, Big Data, Information Theory, Deep Learning, Manifold Learning, Statistical Learning Theory Faculty Website
Nghiem Nguyen Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Evolution Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Waves, Applied Mathematics Faculty Website
Zhaohu Nie Integrable Systems, Differential Geometry, and Differential Equations Faculty Website
James Powell Applied Mathematics, Asymptotic Methods, Partial Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems Faculty Website
Kady Schneiter Mathematical Pedagogy Applets Faculty Website
John Stevens Statistical Bioinformatics; Meta-Analysis; Applied Statistics in the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Faculty Website
Yan Sun Time Series, Spatial Statistics, Kriging, Random Sets, Soft Statistics Faculty Website
Juergen Symanzik Interactive and Dynamic Statistical Graphics, Visual Data Mining, EDA, ESDA, Statistics and Internet, Web-Based Teaching Faculty Website
Zhi Qiang Wang Nonlinear Analysis, Calculus of Variations, Variational Methods, Topological Methods, Nonlinear PDEs, Connecting Orbits Faculty Website
Dariusz Wilczynski Geometric and Algebraic Topology, Noncommutative Algebra Email
Matt Young Hall Algebras; Donaldson-Thomas Theory; Topological Field Theory; Higher Categorical Structures in Representation Theory Faculty Website
Jia Zhao Mathematical Biology; Theoretical Ecology; Numerical PDEs; Scientific Computing; Fluid Dynamics; Machine Learning Faculty Website