ALEKS Testing
To schedule an appointment to take the ALEKS exam, contact the USU Testing Center at 435-797-3617.

Placement, Preparation & Learning

ALEKS begins with an initial assessment, which must be taken proctored –meaning a person who monitors students during an examination. All proctors must be USU approved.

It is not necessary to review/study before students take their first ALEKS Placement Exam. There is no practice test available. After they have taken the exam, students will receive a placement score that will allow them to register for mathematics and statistics courses.

After the initial ALEKS exam, study materials will be provided for the student based on topics they were not proficient in. These materials are tailored to each student and the course the student wishes to take. The ALEKS Modules are the best way to study to take the ALEKS exam again.

Each ALEKS account comes with 5 attempts of 30 questions each. Attempts have a maximum duration of 3 hours, but usually take students about 90 minutes to complete.

After they have taken their first exam, students can access their learning modules.

In State
Students can take the exam at any USU Testing Center location.

They will need to call the closest testing center to them to schedule an appointment and bring a photo ID with them to their appointment.

Out Of State
Please contact the Mathematics & Statistics Advising Office for how to take the ALEKS Placement Exam out of state.
Math & Stat Peer Advisors:
Phone: (435)797-0268
Location: ANSC 117

ALEKS Score Table

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ALEKS test scores
ALEKS test scores are a minimum baseline. Scores that fall below the baselines will not be granted access to courses.

Minimum ALEKS Test Score Authorized USU Course
0 - 13 MATH 0950
14 MATH 0995, STAT 1045
30 STAT 1040
46 MATH 1050, MATH 1051
52 MATH 1060
61 MATH 1100
55 MATH 2010, MATH 2020, STAT 2000, STAT 2300
76 MATH 1210

Math & Stat Peer Advisors

Office Location: ANSC 117
Phone: (435)797-0268