For Advisors

By providing these answers to commonly asked questions, USU Advisors will be able to effectively assist their students in making plans to meet the math requirements for their chosen major.

Please Contact the Math and Stats advising office by email at or phone at (435) 797-8311 if you have other questions that are not addressed here or if you need further clarification.

Testing Process

A proctor will enter a password for the student to take the proctored exam. Students take the proctored exams at USU testing centers or with an approved proctor.

Cost of a Proctor

If students take the exam at a USU testing center (Logan or Regional Campus), there is no fee for the proctor. Students who do not take the exam at a USU testing center may be charged a fee for the proctor service by the USU approved proctor.

Shelf Life of the Exam Score

  • There is a one-year shelf life for ALEKS exam scores and prerequisite math courses.
  • If students have already taken the Accuplacer exam, then the scores obtained can still be used to place into a USU math or stats course for 1 year.
  • ACT scores that are less than one-year-old can be used to place into a math or stats course at USU.
  • Math credits transferred from another higher education institution, that are less than one-year-old, may possibly be used to place students into a USU math or stats course.

Multiple Exams & Completion Time

Students will have access to 5 exams. The time limit is 3 hours, and average completion time for the exam is 80 minutes.

Charge to Students

There is no charge for USU students. Concurrent enrollment students will pay online before being able to access an ALEKS account.

Placement Exam Dates

Students can take placement exams throughout the year.

Exam Levels

The ALEKS exam will place students into any USU mathematics course through Calculus I, or any introductory statistics course (including Stat 1040, 1045, 2000, and 2300).

Accepting Scores from Other Institutions

If a student has taken an ALEKS PPL (proctored) exam at another institution, the student should contact the Math and Stats advising office ( to determine if the score can be verified and used for placement into a USU math course.