02: A Better Tomorrow - Kenda North, Bliss

Kenda North
American, b. 1951

Pigment print, printed 2016
Gift of the artist and The Museum Project, NEHMA

Born in Chicago, IL, Kenda North earned a BA in Fine Arts from Colorado College, Colorado Springs. After studying at the Institute for European Studies in Vienna, Austria, she received an MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York, in 1976.

North stated: “Being underwater is a state of buoyancy, fluidity and weightlessness. Unlike the open sea, water in a pool offers an ambiguous spatial depth with a color range from indigo to cerulean. The figures in these images emerge from the blue field surrounded by fabric and tulle. The color blue is a mindset for me, it speaks of desire, daydreams, blue gestures and blue thoughts. In this state of being submerged, we are brought to a place of sensory awareness and uncertain reality. Light, reflections and the confusion of materials and figure produce a world both mysterious and defined by light.”