RIP Utah Lake Sculpin: After Eugene Beckham, III

05: Awry Ecosystem - Brandon Ballengee, RIP Utah Lake Sculpin: After Eugene Beckham, III

Brandon Ballengee
American, b. 1947

RIP Utah Lake Sculpin: After Eugene Beckham, III
1991 (2014)
Chromolithographic book plate cut and burnt
Purchase with the Charter Member Endowment, NEHMA

Brandon Ballengee is a visual artist, biologist and environmental educator based in Louisiana, where he creates transdisciplinary artworks inspired by his ecological field and laboratory research. This artwork visually bridges the gap between art and science. The sample bottle gives us a feeling that we are observing something with scientific weight and certainty. The beautiful drawings and classic framing illustrate the precious nature of the wildlife. Ballengee’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Ballengee stated: “As an artist, biologist and environmental activist, my concerns are for communities both human and non-human affected by climate change and other ecological impacts. Today’s environmental problems are global in scale and complex. To face this milieu of issues, we need the creativity of artists, scientists and those focused on other disciplines combined to creatively address such challenges we and other species currently face.”