Discount Barn

02 - Jean Lowe, Discount Barn 

Jean Lowe
American, b. 1960

Discount Barn
Installation with wall paintings, decorative "mirror" inlays, and works in enamel on cardboard and papier mache
Dimensions variable
Loan from the artist

“You now are entering Discount Barn. The walls are painted loosely with interior decoration from Louis the 15th and 16th periods. That's basically the 1700s. Inside, there's basically the contents of a dollar store with merchandise lining gondola shelving and free-standing stacks of beer, sweeteners and exercise equipment. You'll need the exercise equipment, if you take the beer and the sweeteners. I think my interest in this piece was to explore how, even though this is really exaggerated, we express ourselves through our acquisitions, and what we surround ourselves with. I really had fun with the nutty perspective. I feel like it's a 3D version of a painting like Overstock! that you'll encounter later in the exhibit.”