Town Crier

06 - Jean Lowe, Town Crier

Jean Lowe
American, b. 1960

Town Crier (Self Portrait as Analog)
Acrylic and casein on cardboard
86 x 79 x 16 inches
Loan from the artist

“I hope you've enjoyed the show—you're on your way out! Town Crier, this stack of amps and the reel-to-reel, is a partner to the piece you met on your way in (Garden Carpet)—two parts of a self portrait. If the carpet expresses my interest in the hand, craft, decoration, and beauty, then this amp and reel-to-reel is about broadcasting ideas. I guess that's how I consider my job as an artist: craft on the one hand and content on the other.

So, do I ever question the efficacy of visual arts to stir up conversation? Yes, perhaps, given that Town Crier is basically mute and vintage. But, ultimately, visual art is a language and really can be used to talk about anything—and provoking conversation is what I hope to do."