​Soft Rain

#009 ​Soft Rain

Tim Prentice
American, b. 1930

Soft Rain, 2012

Aluminum and stainless steel, 240” x 96” x 18”

The Utah Arts Council, Percent-for-Art Program Purchase

The 20-foot-tall sculpture Soft Rain hangs above the main staircase inside USU’s Agricultural Sciences building. Tim Prentice conceived of this unique piece as a high-tech hanging garden. Prentice makes kinetic sculpture, or sculpture designed to move, and Soft Rain imitates the motion of wind on a field of grass. The sculpture consists of highly polished aluminum rods installed at angles that respond to the slightest currents of air shifting through the building. The rods also reflect light flooding into the space, making this area an inviting and welcoming spot. Soft Rain is part of Utah’s Public Art Program. Founded in 1985, the program designates one percent of construction costs from a new or renovated state public building for site-specific artwork at the facility.