​Dawn to Dusk

#028 ​Dawn to Dusk

Allen-Hall Mortuary, Brown Monument, Thompson Construction, and LeGrand Johnson Construction

​Dawn to Dusk, 2006

Granite and copper, 84" x 30.5" x 9"

Gift of the USU American Legion Post #012 and Johnson Construction

Dawn to Dusk is located to the east of the athletic field on the south side of the Dee Glenn Smith Spectrum. The sculpture is a rectangular column of granite with a copper plaque honoring one of USU’s most famous alumni, Logan native Colonel Russel L. Maughan. In 1917, Maughan graduated from the Agricultural College of Utah, which became Utah State University in 1957. Dawn to Dusk commemorates the Colonel’s service in the two world wars: he was a fighter pilot in WWI and Colonel of the 8th Air Force during WWII. It also recognizes his dedication to aviation as he was the first pilot to complete a “dawn to dusk” transcontinental flight across the U.S., which he did in 1924 at the age of 31. In addition, Colonel Maughan also won the Pulitzer Flying Cup in 1922 for setting a new world record for speed flying at 208.5 miles per hour.