​Force of the Morning

#033 ​Force of the Morning

Dan Kainz
American, b. 1949

​Force of the Morning, 2000

Granite, 144" h

Museum Purchase with the President’s Fund for Sculpture, NEHMA

Pennsylvania based sculptor Daniel Kainz started at the Wenz Company in Allentown as an apprentice which laid the foundation for him to become a master stone carver. Since 1991, he has served as the general manager of the Wenz Company’s sculpture division. Kainz works mostly in granite and marble and has developed new techniques for sand-blasting these stones. In addition, his expertise encompasses wood carving and glass work. Force of the Morning is a granite sculpture located near the north entrance of the Chase Fine Arts Visual building. The cool granite stone provides a stark contrast to the sleek glass and red brick design of the building. Also, its various textures, surfaces, and monolithic shape have a visual connection to the surrounding mountains.