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USU Online Course Types

Academic Credit

Graduation Cap
Our academic, semester-based courses start and end with the rest of the USU traditional courses and follow all the semester dates, allowing you to take courses from home, but at the normal semester pace. Students are expected to log in regularly, participate in online discussions, group work, and complete all assignments within specified dates.  These courses are part of degree programs. Students in-state pay standard tuition & fees, out-of-state student pay a per-credit rate. To view the list of semester-based courses this summer, visit Course Search.

Continuing Education Credit

Continuing Education credit courses (CEU) may follow semester dates or have custom dates. They are often co-listed with academic credit courses and have an approved USU course number. CEUs are awarded by education and training providers to signify completion of specific programs and courses. They are intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working adults. CEUs appear on the Continuing Education level of a USU transcript. There is no tuition fo CEU courses, however they will have variable fees.

Outreach Online Courses

Non Credit Class
Non-credit online course do not follow campus terms or have specific course numbers. These courses do not appear on transcripts, although certificates or badges may be available. There is no tuition for non-credit courses, however they will have variable fees. Most non-credit online courses are offered through USU Extension.