Computer Science Teaching Certificate

Strengthen Your Computer Science Know-how

USU’s Department of Computer Science offers opportunities to for students to deepen their specializations with five certificate options:

  • Computer Science Teaching Level I
  • Computer Science Teaching Level II
  • Software Development
  • Web & Mobile Developer
  • Cloud Computing.

Because these certificates have similar curriculum, you can choose to earn more than one certificate without adding an entirely new curriculum. If you choose to take all ten courses, you will earn all five certificates. Topics covered include teaching methods for computer science, designing and implementing computing-based solutions, creating web pages and apps with interactive capabilities, and applying cloud services to solve problems.

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) recognizes the Computer Science Teaching certificates. These certificates qualify teachers to teach CS in high school, allowing students to earn college credit through AP or Concurrent Enrollment CS classes.

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Chad Mano
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