By Alexis LeBaron | March 29, 2022
Joana Slaugh
Joana Slaugh, a recent psychology graduate

Building Career Expertise Through Hands-On Experience As a Military Psychologist

Joana Slaugh recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology through Utah State University Online.

According to Slaugh, she initially selected an online education over an in-person experience because of the versatility it provided in her life.

Slaugh is a self-acclaimed hard worker and overachiever, so an online education allowed Slaugh the ability to get married, join the military and work for a local school while still getting her online education.

“Throughout my college career, I always wanted to find ways to be involved and set myself apart,” Slaugh said.

To do this, Slaugh joined the military alongside getting her bachelor’s degree. This choice enabled her to get the hands-on experience she strove for. She will be leaving soon for her training as part of the military’s psychology units.

Slaugh also accredited the Factotum Lab, an online psychology lab, for enabling her to be involved with her peers and to do research at an undergraduate level.

“I feel like this lab helped prepare me for my career and for the work I will do in the military,” Slaugh said. “I am really grateful to my professors and peers that helped me learn so much in these labs and I suggest all online psychology students join.”

Slaugh advises anyone currently doing an online degree to reach out to other students in your program, whether that be through MyUSU or Canvas itself.

She also suggests going to local events and finding a community with other people who are online throughout Utah.

Slaugh invites that contemplating an online to do a self-evaluation and discover their strengths and weaknesses. According to Slaugh, through identifying one’s academic traits they will be more prepared for online forums and can market their strengths while developing their weaknesses.