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We are here to help you be a successful online student

Most of the time we’re able to keep our life in balance so we can do the things we need to. But occasionally everything happens at once or in such a way that we some of our responsibilities are left unmet. We’ve organized this page to provide students with advice, academic assistance, and information on policies that may be useful to students in distress.

If you would like to explore any of these options or just don’t know where to go to get help and would like to talk to someone, get in touch with Dan Allred (, 435-797-8431).

Before all else...

The first thing to remember when you’re going through difficulty is that you are not alone. Get in touch with others, especially your professors and your advisor and inform them of what you’re going through. They want you to succeed and will do what they can to help you explore possible options and solutions.

Academic Support

If all you need is additional support in your classes then we do offer tutoring online. Many online students are returning after several years and feel that their academic skills (reading, note taking, active listening, test taking, etc.) are lacking. The Academic Success Center and their learning specialists are available to help students develop these and other skills. They have a lot of resources in their Study Smarter kit and are happy to connect with students individually to help out.


Success doesn’t mean that you don’t struggle. USU has put together a THRIVE website that helps students understand their challenges, that they are not alone in facing them, and how to overcome and succeed in spite of them. Each page has problems that tend to come up in each year of your study as well as a media library where you can find interviews with students, and even some professors, where they talk about the challenges they faced as students.

Student Success Webinars

The Student Success Webinar series, sponsored by Academic and Instructional Services, have been developed to assist USU-Online students be more succesfful. The 30-60 minute videos provide guidance on study skills, Canvas secrets, time management and more. Watch a webinar.

Withdrawing from some classes

Sometimes things happen that prevent you from being able to continue taking some or all of your classes. It’s important to make sure you talk with your advisor before withdrawing as there may be other options or adverse repercussions you are unaware of. If withdrawing from some of your classes it’s important to do it by the deadlines.

There are two types of withdrawals: Canceling If you withdraw from a class in the first three weeks of a semester then the class is not recorded on your transcript and any differences in tuition or students fee will be refunded. Withdrawing If you withdraw from a class between the third week and the ninth week, you will receive a “W” grade for the class, which will not affect your GPA, and there are no refunds on tuition or student fees. Be aware: an excessive number of “W” grades can impact your financial aid.

Note - In 7-week classes the deadlines for canceling and withdrawing are adjusted. You can find the deadlines to cancel or withdraw from a class on the registrar’s webpage ( by clicking on the “registration calendar” link under your desired semester. Withdrawing from some of your classes is done through Banner in your MYUSU portal. The registrar’s office can help with any discrepancies. Withdrawing from all classes, taking a break, or deferring admissions If you need to withdraw from all your classes at anytime before or during a semester, or won’t be able to attend the semester you planned on you need to visit the Leave of Absence website - From here you can do three things:

  • Defer admissions: If you are a new student who is planning on attending, but just found out you will not be able to the semester you wanted, then you can ask to have your admission moved to a later semester. This will prevent your registration from going inactive which would require you to re-submit an application for admissions.
  • Leave of Absence: If you know that you will be taking a break in your education and not able to attend a fall or spring semester due to work, military service, or humanitarian aid / religious service Taking a leave of absence will allow you to return to USU without your registration going inactive. You will need to designate when you will return and there are some limitations to the length of time you can be gone from USU and the reason.
  • Complete Withdrawal:If you need to withdraw from all of your classes and you do not expect to return to USU this or in future semesters, the only way to do this is through a complete withdrawal. Tuition and fees will be refunded if the withdraw happens prior to the semester or within the refund deadline. Should you return to USU more than two semesters after a complete withdraw you will need to submit an application for admission as a returning student before you’ll be able to register.

Incomplete grades

If it’s after the deadline to withdraw from a class, but extenuating circumstances will keep you from finishing it successfully, you can talk to your professor about an incomplete “I” grade. It is very important to note that extenuating circumstances are situations beyond your control that impact not just your school work, but your life in general. Should an incomplete grade be arranged, the student will have the agreed up period of time to complete the coursework and will not need to register for the class the next semester. For a list of extenuating circumstances and the full policy visit the catalog  

Repeating classes

If a USU student retakes any classes for which they have previously registered. The most recent grade and credits will by applied towards their GPA, regardless of which grade is higher. Students may repeat up to 10 courses. Any additional repeats must be approved by your department. To see the full policy visit the catalog  

Academic Record Adjustment and Tuition Request Petition

If, due to extenuating circumstances, you were unable to comply with dates and deadlines you may petition for an academic record adjustment. Details about eligibility and limitations of the policy are avialable through the Registrar's Office. Be aware: this policy is not commonly granted and has strict requirements.